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Conceptual Alternatives

Following the initial input sessions, three conceptual alternatives were prepared to explore the primary planning issues. The alternative plans incorporated the analysis of base information and campus conditions--reports and documents given to the consultants by the campus--and ongoing discussions with campus staff and the Master Plan Steering Committee.

The first assumption was 50 percent growth in enrollment over a ten-year period. Although growth was given no specific framework as defined by an enrollment master plan, enrollment growth assumes a continuation of status quo in ratio of traditional vs. non traditional and resident vs. commuter students. Reevaluation should occur when an updated enrollment plan is adopted.

A second basic assumption, that of straight-line growth, was made in order to quantify the growth potential and physical impacts for this Master Plan. The conceptual alternatives of the Master Plan explore relationships and elements using the current operational practices of UW-Green Bay. For example, if the campus continues to operate according to current parking management, the Master Plan illustrates the amount of parking necessary to accommodate a 50 percent increase in campus enrollment.

These two assumptions informed the Plan to a great extent. The straight-line parking assumption recommends an additional 1,646 non-event stalls to campus and approximately 1,500 stalls for the Kress Events Center. It also assumes the need for an additional 1,035 beds and 690 resident parking stalls.

Each conceptual alternative addressed projected expansions and incorporated varied mechanisms to address the primary planning issues.

A follow-up survey to the presentation of the three conceptual alternatives was distributed campus-wide. The survey and its findings are included in Appendix A4: Conceptual Alternatives Survey and Feedback Summary.

Straight-line Projections

Presented at the Conceptual Alternatives stage in the master planning process, the straight-line projections numerically calculate the amount of additional parking and housing that will be needed to accommodate the growth of the campus to 7,500 and explain how these base assumptions were formulated.

Input Workshop Conclusions

Over the course of two days (March 2, 3), the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Master Planning Team conducted on-campus meetings to elicit feedback about the campus. Participants included UWGB Administration, faculty staff and students; City of Green Bay and Brown County representatives; and concerned citizens and neighbors. The following highlights the major issues and opportunities that arose during the listening sessions.

Major Issues:

  1. Wayfinding and Signage
  2. Circulation, both Pedestrian and Automobile
  3. Parking
  4. Infrastructure Management
  5. City Growth and Proximity
  6. City Connections
  7. General Campus Appearance
  8. Campus Tradition and Sacred Spaces, Including the Arboretum
  9. Recreation Fields and Facilities
  10. Growth to 7,500 Students, for planning purposes
  11. Known Building Projects
  12. Original Master Plan

Straight-Line Parking Assessment

Parking Lot Number of Stalls Stall Occupied at Peak Percent Occupied at Peak
Lab Sciences 631 505 80%
Studio Arts 595 536 90%
Wood Hall 552 497 90%
Sports Center 447 443 99%
Apartment Housing 238 238 100%
Main Housing 525 525 100%
East Housing 229 204 89%
Visitor Parking 75 57 75%
Weidner Center
792 294 37%
123 74 60%

The existing parking lot survey demonstrates that non-event center parking on campus is 91% full on average. For event parking the Weidner Center Lot is adequate. Sports Center will need to add parking to accommodate the future expansion.

Conceptual Alternative Existing Parking Stalls Straight-Line Projection for Parking Stalls Conceptual Alternative Parking Expansion Total Parking
Existing 3,292 1,646   4,938
Completed Circle   1,646 +/- 1,700 +/- 3,346
South Campus Drive   1,646 +/- 1,470 +/- 3,116
Inner Circle   1,646 +/- 1,350 +/- 2,965


Straight-Line Housing Conclusions

Conceptual Alternative Existing Beds Straight-Line Projection for Beds Conceptual Alternative Bed Expansion Total Number of Beds
Existing 1,965 1,035   3,000
Completed Circle     1,200 beds 3,165
South Campus Drive     1,035 beds 3,000
Inner Circle     900 beds 2,865




  1. UW Green Bay will continue to provide parking for al students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  2. Growth is 50%, for planning purposes, 5, 000 to 7, 500 students.

Straight Line Predictions:

  1. Add 1646 non-event stalls.
  2. Weidner Center provides adequate parking during events
  3. Sports Center will expand to 4,000 seats



  1. On-campus housing goal is 40% of enrolled students by 2006-2008.
  2. Growth is 50%, for planning purposes, 5, 000 to 7, 500 students.
  3. Currently UWGB has 22 residence halls accommodating 1,965 beds.
  4. Local ordinances require one (1) parking stall per 1.5 students.
  5. No new parking was added to accommodate the most recent addition of three housing buildings.

Straight Line Predictions

  1. Add 1,035 beds
  2. Add 690 stalls for housing to continue to provide 100% parking for resident students.