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Preliminary Master Plan and Pedestrian / Site-Scale Design Foci

Consensus on the overarching ideas and physical forms described in the Conceptual Preliminary Master Plan led to the drawing up of the Preliminary Master Plan using standard dimensions for roadways, walkways, and parking lot layouts.

Preliminary Master Plan

Circulation and Wayfinding:


Utilities and Infrastructure:

Context and Community:

Building Opportunities:


Campus Entry:


Pedestrian Design Considerations:

Preliminary Master Plan

Preliminary Master Plan

The Preliminary Master Plan was created based on comments and feedback elicited at the Conceptual Master Plan development state. Elements took on specific shapes and parking lots included parking spaces and buffer strips. Some site-scale design elements were incorporated into this iteration of the plan. Click image for a larger version.

Site Specific Studies

The primary focus at this stage in the Master Plan development was to explore pedestrian and site-scale components of the design. A day-long series of presentations were held on campus in November 2004 to present these concepts. The workshop included a rendered Master Plan as well as the following site-scale design elements:

The Quad – A traditional campus space created by opening up a section of the concourse and allowing on-grade access to Student Services and University Union.

Weidner Center Parking Plaza – A primarily pedestrian plaza between Weidner Center and Studio/Theatre Arts that can be accessed by large vehicles (i.e. busses) during events.

Housing Pod Plazas – Flexible outdoor space in the center of housing pods is created by the removal of vehicular traffic circles and primarily green and unprogrammed in nature. Sidewalk widths would accommodate emergency/service vehicles and moving day traffic.

Retail Opportunity – A small four-unit retail development in the northeast corner of campus between the campus housing village and surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Workshop participants commented on the evolution of the Master Plan drawing as well as the site-specific design areas and pedestrian scale circulation systems. Support for the Master Plan was expressed and specific elements or areas of the Plan were modified to address comments.

Participants expressed general support for these site-scale design studies and it was determined that a more-extensive study of the entrance should be conducted to create a unified space that encompasses the idea of an entrance drive, campus quad, and Weidner Center parking plaza.