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Appendix C: Non-Campus Entities


University Village Housing Incorporated (UVHI) was formed in 1984 for the express and sole purpose of providing low-cost housing for the students of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

At the time, the University operated a 563-bed student apartment facility which is still operated today by the University. Because of a State of Wisconsin moratorium on residence hall construction, UW-Green Bay was unable to obtain state funding for construction of additional facilities to meet students’ demand for on-campus housing.

UVHI in essence provides the facilities for occupancy while the University provides management services for the facilities. Debt service payments and insurance expenses are the responsibility of UVHI, while the University is responsible for maintenance and marketing of the residence halls.

The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and UVHI entered into a cooperation agreement for 30 years commencing September 1, 1990. The agreement allows the University sole and exclusive use of the UVHI-owned properties. The University has an exclusive option to purchase the properties for the amount of the total mortgage outstanding on the properties should the University wish to exercise that option.

Effective July 1, 2001, this cooperation agreement was revised for a period of 30 years subordinating management fees paid to the University to all obligations of UVHI under the Project Contract, mortgage notes issued thereunder (such as the Series 2005A Note), and any special parity debt (such as the Series 2001B Note). All other terms and conditions remain substantially the same.

Ecumenical Center

The sole purpose of the Ecumenical Center is to provide non-denominational campus ministry for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus. The Ecumenical Center property is owned by a 501.C.3 committee for campus ministry, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Inc.