Appendix D: Demographic Survey

Non-campus residents by Zip Code

The first map shows the 68 zip codes that have 10 or more addresses for students who did not live on campus in 2004-05 (not 0 or more, as listed in the key). These 68 zip codes contain 85% of all non-campus addresses. The second map shows the 7 zip codes that might be considered our “core” service area, the dark blue and green ones with over 200 addresses per zip code.

Zip Code Map

Over half (55%) of all non-campus addresses come from BEYOND these 7 zip codes, and could not be considered eligible for bus service. Even within the “core”, bus service is limited almost entirely to four zip codes – 54301, 54302, 54303 and 54304 (in the box). Less than a quarter (22%) of non-campus addresses fall within one of those four zip codes.

Northeast Wisconsin Zip Code Map

Green Bay Area Map