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The nature of student growth on the UW-Green Bay Campus has yet to be outlined in an enrollment plan adopted by the UW Board of Regents. The master planning consultants feel it is crucial to preserve the Master Plan process and benchmarks because of the potential for a change in the physical needs of the campus. Furthermore, recommendations related to the three distinct conceptual alternatives that emerged from the planning process may be a useful resource if the institution’s growth takes place in a different form or location.

Other resources and tools, such as a Master Plan utilities report and spatial standards for roundabouts also appear in the Appendix. For example, the Master Plan utilities report provides an inventory of existing campus utilities and makes recommendations for future development and growth of campus utilities. It parallels Master Plan Recommendations and Implementation Strategies from the body of the Master Plan document.

Use appendix materials as supplements to the Master Plan. They are intended to enhance decision-makers’ understanding of the physical planning, and also to initiate and continue conversations with other planning professionals working on campus.