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The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is conducting its Master Plan update at a pivotal time in the development of this campus. The planning effort is concurrent with other far-reaching campus studies being conducted as well as Smart Growth planning by the City of Green Bay and Comprehensive Land Use Planning by Brown County.

The intent of this Master Plan is to provide the frame-work and design guidelines for future development of the UW–Green Bay campus. The recommendations in this Master Plan respond to conditions that existed during the planning process, from April, 2004 through July, 2005.

While no growth projections are specifically asserted by this master plan, it IS prudent to understand where growth or facility replacement can occur within the physical and cultural environment of the campus.

This plan illustrates a responsible carrying capacity for UW-Green Bay based on a straight-line growth assumption supplemented by participatory tools and input from the campus and the community. The campus master plan portrays not what the campus WILL be in ten years, but rather the potential for future development. More than a snapshot in time, the Plan is formulated to be forward thinking and far-reaching in its impact on the quality of campus life and environment.

This Master Plan update brought to light questions related to policy, operations, and enrollment programming that must be addressed in the future. There are important elements of the master plan that represent positive changes to the campus infrastructure. These issues, improved wayfinding and navigation; preservation of open space and recreation resources; and the creation of campus “places” will have an immediate and direct impact on the feeling and perception of campus.

The 2005 Master Plan creates a vision for the future of the campus. It serves as the physical representation of a year-long conversation between diverse constituent groups. It also lays the framework for those conversations to continue in the face of a constantly changing environment.