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Executive Plan Summary

The 2005 University of Wisconsin–Green Bay Campus Master Plan was developed over the course of one year and is the direct result of extensive conversations with diverse constituent groups. This Executive Summary outlines the main elements of the campus Master Plan. Additional details about primary and secondary planning and design, site specific studies, and problem-solving strategies follow.

This master plan uses the concept of responsible carrying capacity, or the ways in which a campus can address change in growth and physical development, to address key components of the plan. For this reason, the master planning consultants feel it is crucial to preserve the process and bench-marks established in this Master Plan because of the potential for change in the physical needs of the campus. Many ideas were generated during the master planning process that may be valid for future planning. Therefore, this executive summary serves as a synopsis of Master Plan findings for quick reference. It should not be used as a stand-alone document for planning purposes.

Primary Planning Issues and Recommendations

Secondary Planning Issues and Recommendations