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Secondary Planning Issues and Recommendations


Arboretum –

While the Cofrin Memorial Arboretum is an important element of the campus identity and pro-vides a valuable research and recreational function, it forms a physical and perceived barrier between campus and community.


Campus Entry –

While UW-Green Bay seeks to open its doors to community users, prospective students, and other visitors, the campus lacks an obvious point of arrival and key destination points are visually and/or physically inaccessible.


Pedestrian Spaces –

While the UW–Green Bay campus wishes to promote safe, inviting spaces for students, faculty, staff , prospective students, and other visitors, it lacks some of the basic physical planning elements familiar to campuses worldwide.


Site Specific Studies

While the Master Plan seeks to focus on broad issues of campus growth and development, site specific studies offer more detailed conceptual developments of smaller projects that could improve the experience of the UW–Green Bay user.