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Process Summary

The process used to develop the Master Plan required a dialogue between the Plan consultants and a broad spectrum of people on campus and in the larger community. Through direct interviews, surveys, an interactive website, and informational meetings, those involved helped shape the direction of the Plan. The consultants also held working sessions with the ad hoc Master Plan Steering Committee, and conduct-ed planning and presentation workshops with the campus and non-campus communities. The collective vision that emerged through consensus building is integral to forming and following this Master Plan.

Any university faces changes and challenges in planning issues. In particular, at UW-Green Bay the exact nature of enrollment growth (student mix, number of students, instructional delivery, and related questions) has not been determined. As such, any changes in planning parameters might benefit from examining a midpoint in the planning process rather than starting over. The three conceptual alternatives presented early in the process and included in Appendix A might be a good starting point for examining enrollment assumptions and their impact on the Master Plan once there is a fully vetted enrollment plan to supplement this 2005 Master Plan. The master planning process can not be stressed enough, for it is the process and continued contact with the ideas contained therein that will ensure the Master Plan’s long-term value.

Master Planning Timeline

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