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Additional Campus Resources

Much of the campus perimeter has been preserved and maintained for open space, recreation, and education as defined by the Campus Spatial Diagram. Aside from the intrinsic value, there is a need to preserve these resources for legal purposes. The campus perimeter contains parcels that are significant in their establishment and ongoing preservation as open space.

Land and Water Conservation Fund (LAWCON) was established by U.S. Congress in 1964 and is a program that makes funds available for the acquisition of land for parks and open space. In Wisconsin, the funds are administered by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The UW-Green Bay campus contains significant parcels of land within the Cofrin Memorial Arboretum and Communiversity Park which are under LAWCON rules and restrictions.

Other restrictions within the campus perimeter include land purchased by The Nature Conservancy; City of Green Bay utility easements; and private utility easements such as Time Warner Cable TV easement and American Transmission Company Easement. UW-Green Bay has also received other restricted donations for some of this land.

The 2005 Master Plan seeks to preserve the land within which these unique easements and restrictions apply. Future planning efforts should take into consideration the specific location and extent of these areas.