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Enayetur Raheem

Enayetur Raheem
Assistant Professor of Environmental Statistics
LS 405
(920) 465-2582

Research Interests:My research is focused on building better predictive models through improved estimation of regression parameters. I am interested in the development and application of James-Stein type shrinkage estimation in parametric and semiparametric regression models and their comparisons with LASSO and absolute penalty estimators. In the event of a trade-off between bias and prediction error, James-Stein-type methods tend to achieve reduced overall prediction error that offsets the bias in the estimation.

Other areas of interest include Bayesian and MCMC methods; spatial analysis of environmental and health data; high-dimensional data analysis; data mining and machine learning; statistical genetics; meta analysis; application of statistical methods in environment, public health and epidemiology.

Other Interests: Nature study, bird watching, photography.

Education: BSc., MSc (Applied Statistics): University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
MSc (Statistics): McMaster University (Canada)
PhD (Statistics): University of Windsor (Canada)