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Center for
Middle East Studies & Partnerships

Arab Script

A road to

greater understanding


Interest in the Middle East and in the Arabic language has grown dramatically over the past decade nationally and internationally as well as at UW-Green Bay. To that end, the Center for Middle East Studies and Partnerships (MECENTER) serves first and foremost to promote the cultures and languages of the Middle East.

Academically the Center will assist and help promote the Arabic language courses, serve as a resource for the infusion of greater Middle Eastern content into pre-existing courses and, in conjunction with the Office of International Education, help build and maintain ties to academic institutions in the Middle East, particularly our burgeoning relationship with the University of Jordan.

Additionally the Center serves an outreach capacity as a resource for Middle Eastern studies, both to K-12 schools as well as the community as a whole. Finally the Center continues to pursue grants and funding opportunities related to the Middle East.