Bruce Mielke

Associate Professor Emeritus

Computer Science

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Rouen Cathedral
Last update on: May 6, 2005
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Red Edit 3.3 is available on my website On this site you will find my current web and photography projects as well as my travel notes including our trip to France in October 2004.

Red Edit Home Page

To access the home page for Red Edit the HTML editor used in many of my courses. To download version 2.9.3 click here Version 3.3 is now available from my website

Links To Course Pages

I will maintain links to my notes even though I have retired. I hope this will be a service to those who have used the notes over the years.

Theory of Programming Languages

Introduction to c++ and Object-Oriented Design 26671

Object-Oriented Design in c++ 266372

Internet Java Programming 266331

Compiler Theory 266457

Information Technology(Extended Degree)

Information Technology (text only)

Notes on using Borland c++ 4.5

applicable in many cases to 5.02.

Link to first semester

c++ notes for Borland 4.5 (5.02).

Link to second semester

c++ notes for Borland 4.5 (5.02).