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Last update on: August 11, 2002

Red Edit 3

Red Edit 3 is now available from

What is Red Edit?

Red Edit is a simple HTML editor that runs in NT, 98, Windows 2000, and Milenium. It was deleveloped by Bruce Mielke at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay as a simple tool to teach students how to use HTML. The final product is not a complete HTML editor, but has most of the major constructs and allows users to add structures not explicitly included. Red Edit is distributed as freeware.

Red Edit Version 2.9.3

Version 2.9.3 adds the following features.

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Red Edit Version 2.9.2

Red Edit 2.9.2 corrects a potential infinite loop in the color code for the cut command. It also changes the coloring in paste to be more consistent and eliminates coloring in copy. It adds value to the things that can be added to certain tags directly. Other minor changes also were included.

Red Edit 2.9.1 has updates to conform to some more of the requirements of W3C HTML 4.01, and fixes of small bugs that occurred in earlier versions.To get Red Edit 2.9.1

Red Edit 2.9 is based on the Rich Edit 3 dll. It has matured enough to be classified as release at this point. It allows the user to toggle line numbers on and off. It also colors ASP tags and code as well as comments (therefore JavaScripts). The style editor has been improved to allow users to select a style and edit in the style edit dialog.