Application Wizard

If you want to create a fairly simple program such as a dialog box application (a calculator or clock), you can use the Application Wizard. To use it first select "new" from the file menu. You will see the "New Items" dialog. Select the "Projects" tab and from that window you select the Application Wizard icon.

If you program is going to have menus select the base menus you will use. You may have more menus than those listed, but this will give you a start with some standard menus. If you are creating a dialog box program without menus, do not select any of the choices.

Next you are asked to create a set of file filters used by the open and save dialogs. You create filters by clicking on the add button.

When you have clicked on add, the extention filter dialog asks for the extenstions you want. Do not use " " to surround the information you are typing.

Once you have completed the filter list, a dialog to specify shortcuts appears. Here you can select any shortcut buttons that you want for standard menus. Later if you add menus, you will also have to add shortcut buttons (which you create in the image editor).

Finally you get to select the name of you project and the location. This is very straight-forward.

Click here to see a video of this process.
Click here to see a discription of the main form you created.