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Music Education, Instrumental and Vocal Techniques Courses

  • Kevin Collins

    Associate Professor of Music
    Director of Bands, Low Brass, Conducting, Brass Ensemble
  • Michael Dewhirst

    Adjunct Instructor
    String Techniques
  • Adam Gaines

    Associate Professor of Music
    Trumpet, Jazz Ensemble II,
    Jazz History


  • Cheryl Grosso

    Professor Emerita & Frankenthal Professor
  • Eric Hansen

    Associate Professor of Music
    Clarinet, Music Theory, New Music Ensemble, Phoenix Pep Band, Survey of Western Music, Woodwind Ensemble, Woodwind Techniques
  • Randall Meder

    Associate Professor of Music
    Director of Choral Activities,
    Conducting, and Choral Literature
  • Margaret Meder

    Adjunct Instructor
    Elementary Music Methods,
    Student Teacher Supervision
  • Courtney Sherman

    Assistant Professor of Music
    Classical and Musical Theatre Voice, Opera and Musical Theatre Workshop, Musical Theatre History, Vocal Pedagogy, Chamber Singers