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Natural & Applied Sciences

Master's Theses (2000 - 2005)

Gregory J. Davis, Advisor

  • Effects of Short and Long-Term Climate Changes on Pigeon Guillemot Chick Growth on Southeast Farallon Island, CA. Japuntich, Russell. MSE, December 2002.

David Dolan, Advisor

  • Analysis of the Impacts of the Zebra Mussel, Dreissena Polymorpha, on Nutrients, Water Clarity and the Chlorophyll-Phosphorous Relationship in Lower Green Bay Lake Michigan. Qualls, Theresa. MSE, December 2003.
  • Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Congener Patterns in Lake Michigan Mass Balance Study Biota. Kuehl, Marcia. MSE, December 2002.

Michael Draney, Advisor

  • An Assessment of the Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) Using Two Leaf-Feeding Beetles Galerucella calmariensis and Galerucella pusilla in Brown County, Wisconsin. Schiefelbein, Jeremiah. MSE, September 2005.
  • Development of an Optimal Sampling Protocol for Millipedes (Diplopoda). Snyder, Bruce. MSE, May 2004.
  • Terrestrial Invertebrates Associated With Phragmites Australis (Giant Reed Grass) and Typha Latifolia (Broad Leaf Cattail) in Three Wetlands Along Green Bay, Lake Michigan. Jaskula, Jeanette. MSE, August 2003.
  • Effects of Headwater Wetlands on Stream Water Quality Within Wisconsin Agricultural Settings. Haworth, Brennen. MSE, December 2002.

Kevin Fermanich, Advisor

  • The Effects of Urbanization on Baird Creek, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Fink, Jessie. MSE, May 2005.
  • Cover Crops in Northeast Wisconsin: A Study of the Interseeding Method, Impacts on Soil Cover, and Crop Production. Hunt, Tolif. MSE, May 2001.
  • A Mass Balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium on Farms in a Dairy Watershed in Northeast Wisconsin. Erb, Kevin. MSE, December 2000.

Hallet Harris, Advisor

  • Polychlorinated Bephenyl (PCB) Levels in Sediments, Aquatic Emergent Insects, and Marsh Wrens in a Green Bay, Lake Michigan Coastal Marsh Palmer, Kevin. MSE, June 2005.
  • The Breeding Biology and Nesting Success of Marsh Wrens in Palustrine Marshes Adjacent to Green Bay, Lake Michigan. Abel, Don. MSE, May 2001.

Robert Howe, Advisor

  • Wisconsin and Smart Growth: An Assessment of Conservation Subdivision Zoning Policies Using Content Analysis. Bowman, Amanda. MSE, June 2005.
  • Analysis of Bird Distribution Patterns in Forested and Agricultural Landscapes of North-Central Wisconsin. Cassini, Andrew. MSE, May 2005.
  • Is Lake Michigan's Door Peninsula a Significant Stopover Site for Migratory Birds? Feucht, Coleen. MSE, December 2003.
  • Productivity, Predation, and Habitat of Woodland Raptors on the West-Unit Hiawatha National Forest in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, U.S.A. Gibson, Julie. MSE, December 2003.
  • Local Habitat and Landscape Effects on the Avifauna of Coastal Wetlands in the Western Great Lakes Region. Marks, David. MSE, August 2003.
  • Anuran-Habitat Associations in Coastal Wetlands of the Western Great Lakes. Price, Steven. MSE, August 2003.
  • Local Population Dynamics of Soldier Beetle Chauliognathus Pennsylvanicus in Old Field. Kiyota, Daisaku. MSE, December 2002.
  • Habitat and Landscape Associations of Bird Populations in the Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin, USA. Roberts, Lance Jay. MSE, December 2001.
  • A Comparison of Leaf Litter Spider Assemblages in Old Growth and Managed Forests. Whitehouse, Joel. MSE, August 2001.
  • Diversity and Abundance of Small Mammals in Old Growth and Managed Forests of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Finnell, Joanne. MSE, August 2000.
  • Long Term Change and Habitat Distribution Patterns in the Butterfly Fauna of Tobago, West Indies. Hawley, Nathaniel. MSE, December 2000.

John Katers, Advisor

  • Composting as a Manure Management Strategy for a Calf Farm in Northeast Wisconsin: A Technical and Economic Analysis. Robertson, Paul. MSE, May 2005.
  • Increasing Upland Bird Habitat Through Agroecosystems: Assessing the Economic and Ecological Potential of a Hybrid Hazel Shrubland Agroecosystem in Northeastern Wisconsin. Weber, Patrick. MSE, May 2005.
  • Cost Feasibility Model and Manure Management Calculator for the Review of Dairy Manure Handling and Disposal Systems. Schultz, Joseph. MSE, August 2004.
  • Analysis of Wisconsin Municipal Solid Waste Landfilling Trends and the Impact of Recycling Fee Increases on the Amount of Imported Waste. Walczak, Dawn. MSE, May 2004.
  • Feasibility of Photovoltaic Electricity Production in Northeastern Wisconsin. Scherer, Darcy. MSE, August 2004.
  • Cooperative Anaerobic Digestion as a Manure Management Alternative for Northeastern Wisconsin. Kubsch, Kristin. MSE, December 2003.
  • Synthetic Polymer Oil Absorbents: Assessing Behavior Under Landfill Conditions and Toxicity Determination. Scherer, Timothy. MSE, August 2002.
  • Pathogens And Volatile Solids Destruction During Start-Up Of A Temperature-Phased Anaerobic Digestion System For Dairy Manure. Raboin, Joseph. MSE, May 2002.
  • The Performance Evaluation Of A Temperature Phased Anerobic Digestion System At A Dairy Farm In Wrightstown, Wisconsin. Schauer, Anne. MSE, May 2002.
  • Analysis of the Absorptive Capacity and Chemical Characteristics of Organic/Inorganic Granular Sorbents Saturated With Oil. Merka, Eric. MSE, December 2001.
  • An Evaluation and Effectiveness Study on Solar Path Tracking Systems at the Solar Research Station Located on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Campus. Hach, Sarah. MSE, May 2001.

Michael Morgan, Advisor

  • The Effects of Dikes on the Standing Vegetation and Seed Banks of Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands. Herrick, Bradley. MSE, December 2003.

V.M.G. Nair, Advisor

  • Effects of Propiconazole Fungicide on Fungal Mat Formation by Ceratocystis Fagacearum and the Long Distance Spread of Oak Wilt From Infected Black Oaks. Johnson, Jeremy. MSE, May 2001.

Jeff Nekola, Advisor

  • Spatial Variation of Collembola and Oribatid Mites in Adjacent Old Fields and Upland Forests. Opiola, Angela. MSE, December 2003.

James Noblet, Advisor

  • Removal of Fine Particulate Matter from Intensive Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Using Microfiltration.Kornpitaksak, Mookdawan. MSE, August 2000.

Tara Reed, Advisor

  • A Reexamination of Restored Wetlands in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Nedland, Thomas. MSE, June 2005.
  • Characterizing the Reach Class Within Narrow Alkaline Cool Stream Valley Segments in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Northern Wisconsin. Wunderlin, Aaron. MSE, May, 2005.
  • Use of the Predictive Model Approach for Assessment of Streams in Agricultural Areas of the Western Lake Michigan Drainage Basin. Pfaff, Kelly. MSE, August 2004.
  • The Bottom of the Bay Then and Now: Investigations into Both the Zebra Mussels Colonizing Green Bay and the Pre-Invasion Macroinvertebrate Community. Fettes, Amy. MSE, December 2001.

Ronald Stieglitz, Advisor

  • Mapping and Classification of Karst Features Using Ground Penetrating Radar, the Global Positioning System, and Geographic Information. White, Wendy. MSE, May 2001.
  • Evaluation of Natural Attenuation in Conjunction with Improved Waste Containment and Institutional Controls as a Remedial Action for Groundwater Quality Resporation at a Superfund Site. Kettler, Jane. MSE, December 2000.

Patricia Terry, Advisor

  • Removal Of Chromium From Solution Using Hydrotalcite, A Synthetic Anion Exchange Resin. Vanprice, Kathleen. MSE, May 2002.

James Weirsma, Advisor

  • Effect of Low Temperature on Nitrogen Levels in Mound Wastewater Disposal Systems. Taofik, Ayad. MSE, May 2003.

Michael Zorn, Advisor

  • "Enhanced Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons (CAHs) at Cudahy Business Park -- Parcel 3". Smith, Lisa. MSE, December 2005.
  • Anaerobic Photocatalysis as a Secondary Treatment Following Anaerobic Digestion. Davis, Catherine. MSE, June 2005.