National History Day in Northeastern Wisconsin

Coordinated by Archives, Cofrin Library

An opportunity for students grades 6-12 to create a history project and compete at local, regional, state & national levels.


2020 Northeastern Wisconsin Regional Contest Registration Information


Regional Contest Date: March 7, 2020

Please click here for Online Student Registration.

Program Description

National History Day is an exciting academic enrichment program for students in grades 6-12. History Day was created by the history faculty at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1974 and has grown into a national program with over 700,000 students participating annually. The goal of History Day is to promote the study of history in schools by offering a creative forum in which students can express their scholarship.

National History Day in Wisconsin strives to create a higher degree of appreciation for the value of historical thought in the students, educators, and community members who participate. The spirit of History Day is based upon the encouragement of achievement and recognition of excellence. It is the goal of the program to empower students with research skills, critical thinking skills, and outlets for creative expression which will enhance their academic abilities in all areas of study.

National History Day in Wisconsin is sponsored by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The Northeastern Wisconsin Regional History Day Contest will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and is coordinated by the Archives at the UW-Green Bay Cofrin Library.

Who May Participate?

All students in grades 6-12 may opt to enter a series of progressively competitive local, regional, state, and national events. Students in the Junior Division (grades 6-8) and Senior Division (grades 9-12) compete for the opportunity to advance to the next contest level.

Regardless of age division, the National History Day program is open to all students and teachers without regard to race, gender, religion, physical abilities, economic status, or sexual orientation. History Day does not discriminate against or limit participation by physically-challenged students. Student Contest Guides are available in Braille from the National History Day office. Coordinators at the district, state, and national levels will make every effort to accommodate special needs.

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Evaluation Criteria and Rules

The same evaluation criteria are used at all levels of National History Day competitions:

  • Historical Quality (60%): The most important aspect of the entry is historical quality. This includes characteristics such as historical accuracy, analysis and interpretation, historical context, and the quality of the research.
  • Relation to Theme (20%): The entry must explain clearly the relation of the topic to the annual NHD theme.
  • Clarity of Presentation (20%): Although historical quality is most important, the entry must be presented in an effective manner.
  • Rules Compliance: All regional contests in Wisconsin adhere to the national standards for NHD competitions, as laid out in the NHD Rulebook. All participants should review the general NHD rules and the category-specific rules for their project in advance of the competition. Rule violations that give students an unfair advantage will be taken into consideration in the final rankings.

    Please refer to the NHD Rulebook for a complete description of the evaluation criteria and rules.

    Evaluation forms will be emailed to teachers early in the week following the event.

School Entry Limits

In order to keep the regional event at a manageable size, each regional coordinator sets a limit to the maximum number of entries permissible per category/division per school. The number of entries per category per age division permitted from each school at the Northeastern Regional Event is limited to five (e.g. five junior group performances, five senior individual exhibits, etc.). If more students from one school complete projects, then up to five entries per category/division must be selected to proceed to the event. Generally, a separate school event is held for this purpose.

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Must students attend the contest for entries to be judged?

  • Students competing in any individual category must be present at the event to be evaluated. All students are interviewed by judges as part of the evaluation process.
  • This is especially important for those in the paper and individual web site categories, since most of the judging is done in advance of the contest day. If a student knows they cannot be present for contest day, DO NOT register them to participate in the competition and DO NOT submit their papers or web sites to be judged. If a judge has volunteered his or her time to thoughtfully evaluate projects, and then the student does not show up for their interview, their entry must be forfeited.
  • For group entries, we ask that all group members make every effort to be present at the event. However, if a group member must be absent on the contest day, the project can still be entered as long as some group members will be present for the interview. At least one group member must be present to be judged.

Who May Come with the Students?

Parents, relatives, friends, teachers, and any other interested individuals may attend the Regional Event with participating students. An audience is allowed in the judging rooms when students present their Documentaries and Performances. Papers and Websites will be on display. Exhibit hall will be closed to the public while interviews are taking place. Exhibit hall will be open at other times during the competition. Refer to the event program for specific times and locations for viewing and display.

Visitors and other attendees are reminded that this event is the culmination of months of hard work by participants. We appreciate your cooperation in making this a memorable experience by demonstrating good sportsmanship and courteous behavior.

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To Enter - Registration Instructions

All entry materials must be received by Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Registration materials should be sent to: National History Day, Archives & Area Research Center, Cofrin Library, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 2420 Nicolet Dr., Green Bay, WI 54311-7001.

  • The STUDENT ENTRY FORM with all sections filled out. Exhibit entrants should also be sure to answer the questions related to their space needs (electricity, floor space, etc.). Since it is very important that all sections are legible, please type or carefully print on the entry form.

    Scheduling conflicts happen! If students need to be scheduled earlier or later during the day, PLEASE INDICATE THIS CLEARLY ON THE REGISTRATION FORM. We will do our best to accommodate schedule requests, but we cannot make any guarantees.

  • PAPER STUDENTS should follow the instructions for uploading their paper entry (including title page, annotated bibliography). Papers are to be submitted digitally at the time of registration.  Paper students are also advised to bring one copy of the their paper with them on the day of the event.  
  • WEBSITE STUDENTS must complete their sites within the NHD weebly website editor and publish to the web by the registration deadline. No further editing of the site is permitted once the registration deadline passes. The process paper and annotated bibliography must be included on the website. Weebly website URL must be included on the entry form.
  • One SPECIAL CATEGORY AWARDS NOMINATION FORM per entry that wishes to be considered for the U.S. Labor History Award, and the Northeastern Wisconsin History Award.
  • ENTRY FEES for the Northeastern Regional Event are $10.00 per student. Make checks payable to: UW-Green Bay.

Late Registration

It is challenging for coordinators to schedule judges and facilities when entries are submitted after the registration deadline has passed. If you think your registration forms might be late, please notify the regional coordinator AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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General Event Schedule

Subject to change depending on number of participants:

8:00 - 9:15 am Registration and Exhibit Set-up* University Union
9:00 - 9:25 am Opening Ceremony Weidner Center for Performing Arts
9:30am - 3:00pm

Judging and Presentations

Exhibits and Performances

All Other Categories


University Union

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall

3:30pm (approximate) Award Ceremony Weidner Center for Performing Arts
  Exhibit Removal University Union

*Students should have their exhibits set up by 9:00 a.m. After 9:00 a.m., exhibit areas close for judge viewing.


  • Check-in is from 8:00 until 9:15 a.m. on the day of the event at the University Union
  • All entrants must check in and pick up their event schedule packets before judging begins at 9:30 a.m.
  • The schedule packets will list the final time and place that students present their entry, event materials, and a detailed map of the buildings.
  • Teachers should also pick up their event packets at check-in.

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Judging Times and Schedule

  • Judges will meet with students for 10-15 minutes per entry
  • The tentative time and room that each student or group presents their project to the judges will be emailed to teachers a week prior to the event
  • Tentative schedule is not final; final judging times will be distributed on the contest day in the event packet. Be sure to arrive on time!
  • If a student has a conflict with the scheduled time shown on the tentative schedule, but they did not make a special request on their registration form, there is no guarantee their time slot can be adjusted. We will do our best.
  • Students competing in the documentary and performance categories can anticipate an audience during their presentations. Students competing in the other categories will be meeting only with the judges and will not have an audience.

Final Rounds of Competition

Often there are so many entries in a category/division that the entries must be divided between multiple panels of judges. In these cases, a final round of competition is held. There are no interviews in the final round of competition. For exhibit, paper, and website students, judging in the final round is done without student representation and no results will be announced until the awards ceremony. Depending on final registration numbers, students in documentary and performance categories MAY need to be present for a final round of competition. Information about final rounds will be available on the contest day in the event schedule packet.

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Category Instructions for Contest Day

**Students competing individually must be present at the regional event to be evaluated.**

Historical Papers

Deadline for Historical Papers: Four copies of the studentís historical paper, title page (including word count), and bibliography must be received by the registration deadline, February 12, 2020.

Students should bring at least one copy of their paper with them on the day of the event in case of a mix-up. Students must be present on the day of the event in order to be judged by the Northeastern Wisconsin Regional History Day judges. Historical papers will be on display outside the paper judging area.

Exhibit Displays

Exhibit students should bring at least 4 copies of their bibliography and process paper to the regional event. If students require electricity for their project, they should bring a very long extension cord, preferably one with multiple outlets. It is also a good idea to bring along an exhibit repair kit in case their project gets damaged on the way to the event. To ensure proper space is allotted for exhibits, students must tell us whether an exhibit is designed to sit on a table or on the floor, and whether it requires electricity. Identifying the exhibit as floor or table allows us to make sure the judges view the exhibit in the best possible way.

If students have friends or family members coming to see their project, please note that the exhibit rooms will only be open when judging is NOT taking place. Generally, this includes exhibit set-up and take-down periods and the time between judging and the awards ceremony. Exact times will be listed in the event program.


Bring at least 4 copies of your bibliography and process paper to the regional event. Documentary presentations are open for public viewing.

  • Technology at the Northeastern Regional NHD Event: Each documentary room will be equipped with a DVD player, projector, and projection screen. A PC computer will also be available, but students should be sure to save their projects as a finalized DVD. Do NOT save your documentary as your working files for a specific computer program (like Windows MovieMaker or iMovie). Campus computers may not have the same software to play these file. Students burning their projects to a DVD should be sure to test the DVD on a regular, standalone DVD player before the competition.


Performance students should bring at least 4 copies of their bibliography and process paper to the regional event. Please make arrangements to bring all equipment and props necessary for your entry.


Websites must be completed online through the NHD Weebly Website Editor by the registration deadline of February 12, 2020.

  • No further editing of sites is permitted once the registration deadline passes and students will be LOCKED OUT of editing sites after February 12, 2020.
  • Process papers and bibliographies must be included on the website itself. Your project is not eligible to be selected to advance to the next level of competition without these materials!
  • Website students do not need to bring a computer with them to the competition. Judges view the websites in advance and will interview the student at the event. Only students and judges will be permitted in the room during interviews.
  • When submitting your site URL, be sure to include the full address. It will look like
  • Be sure to publish the most recent version of your site to the Internet before the registration deadline closes.

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Going On to the State Event

Top-placing entries at regional contests are eligible to compete at the Wisconsin State Event, taking place in Madison on Saturday, April 18, 2020. State finalists will receive more information at the regional event awards ceremony. Categories are judged separately based on age divisions and group type, so many participants will have the opportunity to advance.

However, if no student from a school achieves a spot in the top three of any category, then the state coordinator will ask the teacher(s) from that school to nominate ONE entry from that school to attend the state event. The method of selection is at the discretion of the teacher(s) involved. This process has been designed to include as many students as possible in the excitement of the state event and also to give every school a first-hand experience that will bolster their program as they head into the next school year. Please note Ė this policy does not apply to home school students.

Project Improvement

Students are allowed and encouraged to improve their projects between competitions. The process of revising work is an important aspect of the project creation process. Paper and website category students must remember that the final version of their project is due by the State Contestís registration deadline.

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Please Respect Our Buildings

No smoking is permitted in any of the campus buildings, or within 30 feet of any building entrance.

A Note About Free Time Activities

UW-Green Bay is set in the heart of a 290-acre arboretum. Six miles of hiking trails encircle the campus. Feel free to go out and explore during periods of down-time. Or, take a walk over to the University Union, hang out at the Common Grounds Coffee House, or one of the lounge areas with a TV, billiards, darts, etc. Students and families are welcome to bring their own board or hand-held electronic games as well. There is a nice lounge area in Mary Ann Cofrin Hall that looks out onto the Winter Garden.


University Dining Services and Chartwells will provide a variety of dining options on campus. Exact options and locations will be included with the studentís contest day schedule packet available at check-in. PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING MONEY FOR LUNCH, OR PACK AND BRING A LUNCH.


Bring a little piece of History Day home! National History Day in Wisconsin T-Shirts will be available for $10. Cash or check accepted.

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If you wish to stay overnight, please check out the following website for motel and hotel accommodations:

Teacher Information

Teachers should also pick up event schedule packets for their school at check-in.

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