NCAA Athletics Certification Program

UWGB Receives Full NCAA Division I Athletics Certification 

Final Self-Study Instrument (pdf)

At its August 23, 2006 convocation, Chancellor Bruce Shepard announced that the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay would begin an 18-month campus-wide review of its athletics program as part of the NCAA Division I. athletics certification program. This program ensures integrity in athletic operations, focusing on academic integrity, governance and rules compliance, and the university's commitment to equity and student well being.

All Division I. universities and colleges are required to undergo NCAA certification every ten years. UW-Green Bay successfully completed its first certification self-study in 1999.

Tom Maki, Vice Chancellor for Business & Finance will chair a steering committee responsible for conducting the study. Other members of the steering committee, as well as those of three sub-committees, will include various members of the university faculty, staff, students and community members.

It is anticipated that the report draft will be presented for campus and community response by March 2007, with the final report submitted to the NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification (CAC) in May 2007. An external peer-review team will conduct an on-campus evaluation visit in fall 2007. That team will report back to the CAC, which will deliberate and issue a final decision by February 2008.

The three options of certification status are: (a) certified, (b) certified with conditions, and (c) not certified. While universities have an opportunity to correct deficient areas, those that do not take corrective action risk ineligibility for NCAA championships.

Our on-site review will take place December 2-4, 2007