2011-2013 Ethics and Boundaries:Child Welfare and the Ethical Use of Technology and Social Media

In preparation for the 2011-2013 Ethics and Boundaries training titled “Child Welfare and the Ethical Use of Technology and Social Media” we are providing the following links to tutorials on the most common technology and social media sites. Some of following social media and technology will be referenced throughout the Ethics and Boundaries training. These links are provided for those you may not be familiar with or those that desire more knowledge of the various technology and social media sites prior to the Ethics and Boundaries training. These tutorials will walk you through what the technology and social media sites can do, how to set up an account, special features, benefits of use, and concerns of use.

We encourage you to look at the following links before the “Child Welfare and Ethical Use of Technology and Social Media” Ethics and Boundaries 2011-2013 comes to your agency. Based on your own knowledge around social media and technology you may want to look at all the links or pick ones where you want more information about.

This tutorial will cover the basics of e-mail and its use. This tutorial will cover technology around Skype, Blogging, and Chats This tutorial will discuss how to use, connect and browsing basics and strategies the internet. These tutorials will cover the topics of Facebook, Skype and Twitter. This tutorial will give ideas on how to safely use the internet and social media sites.

If you have any questions getting to these links, please contact Kristin Lampe at or by phone at (920) 465-2960.

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October 18, 2011