When Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment Intersect: Building Skills to Engage and Protect

Registration: 8:30 a.m.
Training: 9:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.
Fee: $40 for Partnership Members, $240 for Non-Partnership Members

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DESCRIPTION : The odds are high that on any average workday a Child Protective Services worker will encounter a family where child maltreatment and adult domestic violence intersect. Research estimates that in 30 to 60 % of families where either form of abuse is identified, it is likely that both exist. This intersection heightens the challenges in accurately assessing danger, building relationships with family members, and minimizing the risk of harm to children and adult victims.

Most workers are familiar with the basic outline of domestic violence dynamics and tactics. This two-day course provides an opportunity to dig deeper into the complex overlap of child maltreatment and domestic violence, identify and practice strategies for responding safely when the issues co-occur, explore ways of protecting children by protecting the non-abusing parent, and better prepare child welfare professionals to safely engage with each family member when there is the ongoing intimidation, coercion, and violence that characterize most domestic violence. The course emphasizes case scenarios and interactive exercises as ways to explore the issues and enhance skills. It prepares workers to access resources and tools such as the recently released Domestic Violence Handbook for Wisconsin Child Protective Services Workers.


  • Expand understanding of the complexities and context of domestic violence and its impact on children.

  • Expand understanding of the impact of trauma related to living with and surviving domestic violence, for children and for adult victims.

  • Establish strategies for CPS intervention in co-occurring child maltreatment and domestic violence that are:

    • Protective
    • Trauma-informed
    • Strengths-based
    • Attentive to strengthening the bond between a child/children and their most protective parent
    • Respectful of and build from people’s cultural identities and communities

  • Identify and practice strategies for engaging with children and youth who experience domestic violence between their parents/caregivers.

  • Identify and practice strategies for engaging with parents/caregivers who are victims of domestic violence in ways that maximize their protective capacities.

  • Identify and practice strategies for engaging with parents/caregivers who are perpetrators of domestic violence in ways that minimize harm and maximize safety for children and their protective parent.

  • Utilize the Domestic Violence Handbook for Wisconsin Child Protective Services Workers as a reference in implementing Wisconsin standards for access, initial assessment, and ongoing services.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The training is intended for child protective services staff and other child welfare professionals.

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