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Professional Program inNursing

Application Checklist & Program Intention Form

Program Eligibility Requirements

  1. High School Diploma
  2. 15 or fewer college credits
  3. Admitted to UW-Green Bay as a Freshman
  4. ACT English score of 17 or higher
  5. High School GPA of 3.0 or higher

Preferred Eligibility Criteria

  • High School science courses such as Biology, Chemistry or Anatomy & Physiology (minimum of two)
  • High School math courses including Algebra, Geometry and Advanced Algebra to demonstrate
    preparedness for college math
  • Completion of a Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) approved Nursing Assistant course
    (Required prior to Year 2)
  • Related volunteer or healthcare work experiences
  • Ability to speak a language other than English

Application Process

  • Apply to UW-Green Bay as a pre-nursing student at
  • Be admitted to UW-Green Bay
  • Apply to NURSE 1-2-1 Program by using your UW-Green Bay student username, password, and ID number to complete a Program Intention Form. Limited seats are available: Intention Forms will be available only between September 15 and October 30 and must be submitted during that period. The Program Intention Form is completed to verify you have met the minimum program eligibility requirements and agree to the terms of participating in the program. The NURSE 1-2-1 Admission Committee will review all submitted Intention Forms, applications, transcripts and ACT scores to decide which applicants will be admitted to the program based upon the number of seats available.
  • Be admitted to NURSE 1-2-1.