General Education Assessment Registration Form

STOP! As of April 11, 2014, campus leaders have decided that we need to move in another direction for General Education Assessment.  This means we will no longer require you to take the College BASE Exam in Fall 2014.  As a result, all holds regarding the College BASE Exam will be removed from your record.  An email notification was sent to your campus email on April 11, 2014. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you!  


Please provide the following. All requested information must be submitted.

1.    Contact Information- please use correct punctuation/capitalize as this info is used for the mailing! Omit any apostrophe in your name or address or the form will not submit!

First Name
Last Name (omit ' if your name,address includes it)
Mailing Address & Apt # (where you'll be living in early Aug!)
State (abbreviation)
Zip/Postal Code
Student ID Number (last 9 digits only)
Preferred e-mail

2.  REQUIRED Testing Session. Please note: If you choose the last test date and you can not make it, you will need to attend the make-up session and pay $30; whereas if you pick a prior date and miss it, you'll have another opportunity to attend a future "free" test date.


3.    Students with documented disabilities: Do you need special testing accommodations?

4.  Are you a Bellin student currently attending Bellin College of Nursing?

Please understand that you will be held responsible for "acceptable participation" in a Testing Session.

Acceptable participation in a Testing Session = at least 60 minutes spent on the multiple-choice test and completion of all the questions in the two subject areas you will be assigned.