General Education Assessment: Fall 2008

Please complete questions 1 through 7 on the form below by mid September. There are two ways to submit this information. 

Option 1: You can fill out the form below right here online and when you hit "submit" button the information will be sent directly to Testing Services. 

Option 2: You may download a Word file that contains the same information on this page, and type your responses into the file, using whatever formatting you prefer.  To accomplish Option 2, right-click on the phrase "Word file" found in the preceding sentence and select "Save target as."  Then, save the file to your preferred destination.  Submit the completed form to Coordinator of Testing Services ( or Intercampus Mail: Pam Gilson, PROVOST)

Confusing?  Please contact Testing Services at or (920) 465-2221

Testing Services will compile the results from all participating faculty members and submit a report to the GEC each semester.

1.    Faculty Member Name:   

2.    Course Number and Name:   

3.    Assignment/Activity Title: (e.g., Major Paper, Final Exam Question)

4.    Assignment/Activity Description:

Include in this section the descriptive information provided to the students (e.g., an essay question with accompanying instructions), along with any additional information that you think might be needed to understand the demands of the assignment/activity.


5.    Total Number of Students Completing the Assignment/Activity:    

6.    Relevant General Education Learning Outcome.  The student will have the ability or a fundamental understanding of...

       1. To communicate effectively through listening, speaking, reading, writing, and the use of computers.
       2. To exercise problem-solving skills - such as problem identification and analysis, and solution formulation, implementation, and assessment - using an integrated interdisciplinary approach.
       3.To think critically.
       4. The Natural Sciences, including major concepts, principles, and theories of the biological and physical environment. (HB1 & HB2 )
       5. The Natural Sciences, including the impact of scientific and technological activities and products on individuals, on society, and on the physical environment. (NPS1 & NPS2)
       6. The Social Sciences, including major concepts of social, political, geographic and economic structures. (SS1)
       7. The Social Sciences, including the impact that social institutions and values have on individuals and groups in a culture. (SS2)
       8. The Humanities, including the chronology and significance of major events and movements in Western civilization. (HS1)
       9. The Humanities, including a range of literature, representative of different literary forms and historical contexts. (HS2)
       10. The Humanities in identifying and clarifying individual and social values in a culture and understanding the implications of decisions made on the basis of those values. (HS3)
       11. At least one of the Fine Arts, including an understanding of the nature and functions of art and ways of evaluating art. (FA)
       12. Contemporary global issues and problems, through the study of beliefs, values and ways of life in a country other than the USA. (WC)
       13. The causes and effects of stereotyping and racism, and an appreciation of cultural diversity within the USA. (Et.S.)

If you would like to list additional General Education Learning Outcomes that you feel your course assesses, please list them here.

7.    Relevant Course Objective/Learning Outcome:

Indicate the course objective/learning outcome that relates to the assignment in #4.


THE QUESTIONS BELOW ARE TO BE DONE AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER - you will be sent a reminder email near the end of this semester with a link back to this web page to complete the end of this form - OR - if your assessment is done at midterm or earlier in the semester, please submit once it's completed.   Download the  Word file to complete 8-9. (note: to submit your results w/in the Word file, click on 'Page', then 'Save as'. Save your information and submit it via email to

8.    Performance Rating Scale and Results:

Complete the table with your performance rating scale information.  To ease the General Education Council's overall review, please design your four-point performance rating scale to correspond with the following Key: 1 = highest achievement level, 2 = second highest achievement, 3 = third highest (or second lowest) achievement level, 4 = lowest achievement level (should reflect unacceptable work)

# of students at level Performance Level Description of Performance Level
Next, indicate the score assigned to individual students, using their student identification number.  The easiest way to do this is by downloading your course roster into Excel.  If you're not sure how to do this, please contact Pam.

9.      Faculty Comments:

Please share with the General Education Council your comments about this process.  Some questions that you might address in your comments are: 

  1. Did constructing the performance rating scale facilitate your grading process?

  2. Would you modify your performance rating scale if you were to use it in the future?  How?

  3. Did you share the performance rating scale with your students?  If so, how did they respond?

  4. How much time did you need to develop the performance rating scale?

  5. Are you willing to continue participating in this General Education assessment process?  Why or why not?

Other observations and "tips" for future users of this assessment method?  We are very interested in your experience!