2014 Alumni Survey

The following survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.  We will use the information you share with us to enhance the educational experience at UW-Green Bay, and to increase the value of a UW-Green Bay degree. Your responses are important to us! When you finish the survey, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page.

Please use your "Tab" key or mouse to navigate this survey, and avoid hitting the "Enter" key.


The information requested in this survey is used to improve major and minor programs, the General Education program, and students' overall educational experience at UW-Green Bay. Your candid responses are truly appreciated ~ thank you so much for for help!

Feel free to leave blank any questions that you prefer to not answer. 

Educational Experiences

1.     Considering all of your experiences at UW-Green Bay, indicate your level of agreement with each statement below. Check only one response for each statement.
Scale: SA = Strongly Agree, A = Agree, N = Neutral, D = Disagree, SD = Strongly Disagree, NO = No Opinion

My experiences at UWGB helped me to learn or reinforced my belief that learning is a lifelong process. 
While at UWGB, I had frequent interactions with people from different ethnic backgrounds.
UWGB students are encouraged to become involved in community affairs.
My UWGB experiences and courses encouraged me to think creatively and innovatively.
The interdisciplinary, problem-focused education provided by UWGB prepared me well for my career and/or graduate school.
UWGB provides a strong, interdisciplinary, problem-focused education.
Students at UWGB have many opportunities in their classes to apply their learning to real situations.
I would recommend UWGB to a co-worker, friend, or family member.
The General Education requirements at UWGB were a valuable component of my education.
UWGB cares about its alumni.
As a graduate, I feel connected to UWGB. 

2.    Your major was:
Be sure to click your mouse outside the box once you have made your selection.

(Note: If you had more than one major, please select only one to comment on.)

3.    Rate each of the following for the major you selected in #2, using the traditional A-F grading scale (where A = "Excellent," F = "Unacceptable," and NO = "No Opinion")

Quality of teaching
Knowledge and expertise of the faculty.
Faculty-student relationships (e.g., approachability, encouragement of student goals).
Importance and relevance of your major courses to your professional and academic goals.
Advising by faculty (e.g., accuracy of information).
Availability of faculty (e.g., during office hours).
OVERALL, considering everything, what grade would you give your major?

Are there specific courses or activities which were especially appropriate or useful for your current job or graduate school? If yes, which one(s)? (Do not hit enter!)

4.    If you could start college over, which of the following best expresses your view?  Select one.
    I would attend UWGB and complete the same major.
    I would attend UWGB but would select a different major.
    I would complete the same major but at a different university.
    I would complete a different major at a different university.
    I would not pursue a bachelor's degree at any school.

5.    Did you receive an Associate's degree from another institution (e.g., one of the UW Colleges) before enrolling at UW-Green Bay? Select one.
    Yes [go to question 7]
    No [go to question 6]

Academic Preparation


Part 1 - Preparation.

Directions. For each of the following areas, please indicate how well your UW-Green Bay General Education courses prepared you.

Part 2 - Importance.

Directions. For the areas, please indicate how important each is to your current job or graduate program.

= No Opinion, E = Excellent Preparation, G = Good Preparation, A = Average Preparation, F = Fair Preparation, P = Poor Preparation

= No Opinion, VI = Very Important, I = Important, M = Moderately Important, L = Limited Importance, NI = Not Important


Part 1 - Preparation

Do Part 1, then Part 2

Part 2 - Importance

Critical analysis skills
Problem-solving skills
Understanding biology and  the physical sciences
Understanding the impact of science and technology
Understanding social, political, 
geographic, and economic structures
Understanding the impact of social institutions and values on individuals and groups in a culture
Understanding the significance of 
major events in Western civilization
Understanding a range of literature
Preparation   Importance
Understanding the role of the humanities 
in identifying and clarifying values
Understanding at least one of the Fine Arts
Understanding contemporary global issues
Understanding the causes and 
effects of stereotyping and racism
Written communication skills
Public speaking skills
Reading skills
Listening skills
Leadership and management skills

7.     Thinking about your life and career today, what was the most valuable aspect of your educational experience at UW-Green Bay? (Do not hit enter!)

8.    If you could change one thing about your academic experience at UW-Green Bay, what would it be? (Do not hit enter!)

Additional Education Questions

9.    What is the highest degree you ultimately plan to pursue? Select one.
    Bachelor's degree [go to question 12]
    Master's degree (e.g., M.A., M.S., M.B.A.)
    Specialist's degree (e.g., Ed.S.)
    Professional degree (e.g., law, medicine, dentistry)
    Doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D., Ed.D., Psy.D.)

10.    What is your current status with regard to graduate/professional study?  Select one.
    Have not applied [go to question 12]
    Have applied but have not been accepted [go to question 12]
    Have been accepted, but have not enrolled
    Am enrolled
    Have already completed a graduate/professional degree
    Not applicable

11.   If you have been accepted, are enrolled, or have already completed a graduate degree, indicate:

        Institution's Name and Location (e.g., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI):

        Degree Sought and Field of Study (e.g., M.S., Industrial Psychology):

Employment Questions

12.    What is your current employment status  Select one.
    Employed full-time (33 or more hours/week)
    Employed part-time (32 hours/week or less)
    Unemployed, not seeking employment [go to question 18]
    Unemployed, seeking employment [go to question 18]
    Student, not seeking employment [go to question 18]

13.    Please indicate how satisfied you are with your current job.  Check one.

Very dissatisfied    1    2    3     4     5     Very satisfied        Not applicable

14.   What are the minimum educational requirements for your current job?  Select one.
    High school diploma or less
    Certificate program or 1 year of college
    Associate's degree or two years of college
    Bachelor's degree
    Graduate degree
    Not applicable

15.    To what extent does your current job relate to your UW-Green Bay major?  Select one.

           Very related             Somewhat related          Not at all related      Not applicable

16.    Within what range is your current annual income? Select one.

    Under $20,000

    $30,000 to $35,999

    $50,000 to $59,999

    $20,000 to $25,999

    $36,000 to $39,999

    $60,000 to $69,999

    $26,000 to $29,999

    $40,000 to $49,999

    $70,000 or over

    Not applicable/Prefer not to answer

17.   To help us get the clearest picture of what our graduates do, please provide the name and location of your current employer, and your current job title.
Job Title   

Alumni Questions

18.  Since graduation:

a.    How often do you visit the UW-Green Bay website per year (http://www.uwgb.edu/)?  
 Daily  Weekly Monthly Yearly Never

b.    Do you read Inside UW-Green Bay (the University/Alumni magazine)?   
Yes    No    

c.    How often do you visit the Alumni website per year (http://www.uwgb.edu/alumni/)?  
 Daily  Weekly Monthly Yearly Never

d.    Are you aware of the online UW-Green Bay Alumni professional/social network through Linkedin?
Yes    No   

e.    Returned to campus?   
Yes    No
       If "Yes," for which of the following have you returned to UW-Green Bay? Check all that apply.

Alumni Association event (e.g., regional receptions, awards reception, golf outing) Shorewood golf course
UWGB Athletic event (on or off campus) UWGB musical performance (i.e., one performed by current UWGB students or faculty)
UWGB theatre performance (i.e., one performed by current UWGB students) Cofrin Arboretum trail (walking, biking, etc.)
Weidner Center performance Employed at UW-Green Bay
Kress Center Membership

Demographic Information

19.   Please indicate the following about yourself. Rest assured that all of your responses to this survey are confidential. Note: For drop-down boxes, be sure to click your mouse outside each box once you have made your selection.

Did you live on campus?

If "yes," for how many semesters? 4
More than 4

Did you transfer to UW-Green Bay?


If "yes," how many credits did you transfer to UW-Green Bay?


Name * (optional):

please! (please give your maiden name also if you are now married and we don't have your new name on file)

Email * (optional):

for important Alumni updates

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1.  So I know who should and who should not be contacted again about completing this survey.
2.  To help me eliminate "duplicates" from the survey database. One person - one vote :-)

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Thank you for your time! Please use this space to share any comments about your experiences at UW-Green Bay. (Do not hit enter!)

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