UW-Green Bay Fact Book

Current and historic data are organized into nine areas.  Click in the box for each area to move to that portion of the table of contents or scroll down to view the entire table of contents. 

Outcomes and Assessment

Enrollment History

Student Demographics
New Students Enrollment by College or by Majors and Minors Course Enrollments

Teaching Faculty

Summer Enrollments

Measures of Interdisciplinarity


Table of Contents

  1. Outcomes & Assessment
    1. Degrees Granted 
    2. Retention Rates
      1. Disaggregated rates for recent cohorts (disaggregation by sex, race, income, and additional attributes)
    3. Graduation Rates 
      1. Aggregated rates
      2. Disaggregated rates for recent FRESHMAN cohorts (disaggregation by sex, race, income, and additional attributes)
      3. Disaggregated rates for recent TRANSFER cohorts (disaggregation by sex, race and income)
    4. Employment and graduate school enrollment data are provided by Career Services.  Go to the First Destination Survey results!
  2. Enrollment History
    1. Official Fall Headcounts
    2. End-of-semester headcounts and credits
    3. Unduplicated Annual Total Headcounts
  3. Fall Student Demographics
    1. Headcounts by Class, Status, Gender and Full-time/Part-time: 2017 |2016 |2015 | 2014 | 2013 |2012 |2011 |2010
    2. Gender Distribution: 1975 - 2017
    3. Age Information: 1975 - 2017
    4. Geographic Origins: Fall 2017 | Fall 2016 | All Students, 1975 -2015   |   New Freshmen, 1975 - 2015   |   Transfer Students, 1975 - 2015
    5. Race or Ethnicity: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 1973 - 2017; see also Diversity at UWGB
    6. Financial Aid Trends: 1980/81 - 2016/17
    7. University Housing Profiles
  4. New Students
    1. Admissions Ratios
    2. Top Sources
    3. Academic Qualifications:     High School Grades     |     ACT Scores   
    4. Transfer Student Demographics:    2016-17 Update
    5. Retention Rates
      1. Freshmen
      2. Transfers
  5. Colleges, Majors & Minors

    1. Undergraduate Enrollments by College

    2. Majors and Minors Declared
      1. UNDERGRADUATE Majors and Minors, Fall and Spring, past five years
      2. MASTER'S Students, Fall and Spring, past five years
      3. Declared Majors (UNDERGRADUATE), past ten falls
      1. Demographic Details for Majors and Minors, past five years This is a large Adobe file; follow the bookmark to the plan you want to explore.  Plans are listed alphabetically. 
      2. Emphases, past five years Emphases are also called "sub plans" in SIS.
    3. Majors and Minors Graduated  -- graph of largest majors
      1. Past Five Years
      2. Past Twenty Years
      3. Past Ten Years with Emphasis-level Details
      4. Profile of Graduated Majors in past five years
        1. College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
        2. Cofrin School of Business
        3. College of Health, Education and Social Welfare
        4. College of Science and Technology
      5. Unduplicated Headcount of Graduated Majors, by Semester, Past Five Years
      6. Graduated Majors and the Minors they Completed
    4. Program Review Seven-year Summary Files (combinations of academic and demographic information for each major, typically updated each spring)
    5. Academic Program Details (link to the catalog, for information about program requirements)

  6. Course Enrollments
    1. Class-by-class enrollment histories (produced by the Registrar's Office)
    2. Seven-year summaries for program review self studies
    3. General Education Enrollments
    4. Assessment of Prior Learning Credit (PLA) Report
    5. College Credit in High School (CCiHS) Report
  7. Teaching Faculty
    1. Faculty Factsheet 2016  (one-page summary of information about full-time faculty and instructional staff for most recent year)
    2. Rank and Gender of Full-time Faculty
    3. FTE and SCH per FTE Summaries
    4. Salary Summary
  1. Summer Sessions
    1. Summer Headcounts, Credits and FTEs by Level
  2. Measures of Interdisciplinarity
    1. Graduated Majors and the Minors they Completed, 2007 - 2017
    2. Second Majors completed compared to other UW Schools