Interactive Table of Demographic Trends

PivotTables of Plans (Majors and Minors) and Sub-plans (Emphases), and related information

Click here to open or save the file Emphasis Trends, with Emphasis-level students counts for fall and spring terms

Click here to open or save the file Demographic Trends, with demographic data for Fall Majors and Minors

But, before you start...
The tables of declared students in each plan and sub-plan uses an interactive MS Excel PivotTable to summarize data from a large spreadsheet.  The viewer has control over which elements to include in the table.  Here are a few questions that might occur when you begin using this table.

  1. Why does it take so long for the file to open?
    • Because there's a 40,000+ line spreadsheet loading in along with the PivotTable.  I have "hidden" the data table, to avoid confusion, but it isn't locked and you may view the rows of details if you would like.  (The navigation to unhide the data is: Format, Sheet, Unhide, OK.) 
  2. Should users just open it or save it onto their own computers first?
    • Saving it into your own account space is the safest practice.  However, remember that the file is large and should probably be deleted once you are done using it.  I will update the data periodically, and any version of the file you save in your own account space will not be updated. 
  3. Which years and terms are included?
    • The tables track eight terms or five years.
  4. Are these data "live" from the Student Information System?
    • No, we aren't moving into a fully dynamic reporting world... yet.  The output page documents when the underlying spreadsheet was last updated.  I intend to run the program that updates the data every month.  The table will always have at least a one day lag.  Although not entirely live, the totals you see here will usually differ a little from the totals on the Majors and Minors tables in the Factbook, which are point-in-time snap shots.  In this data set, fall totals include all student declarations up through December 31 of the year being tallied, and spring totals include all declarations up through May 31.
  5. What if somebody needs current numbers and the table won't be updated again for a few weeks?
    • Just ask!  Updating the spreadsheet takes me less than five minutes.  I do have to be on campus to run the program, and am the only person in my office, so having it done immediately won't always be possible.
  6. What if something looks wrong, like students pursuing emphases that no longer exist?
    • Contact me at or 465-2374 and explain the oddity.  I will determine if the record in SIS is wrong or if my program extracting the data is wrong and will make sure things are corrected.