UW-Green Bay has participated in the NSSE for several years.  The most recent administration occurred in winter/spring of 2008 and included Fall 2007 freshmen and Spring 2008 graduating seniors. NSSE provides several reports, which you may download and use:

File name Contents
NSSE08 Benchmark Comparisons Report (UWGB).xls A comparison between benchmark scores at UWGB and at other UW School for 2008
NSSE08 Mean and Frequency Reports (UWGB).xls A comparison between item responses at UWGB and at other UW Schools for 2008
NSSE08 Pocket Guide Report (UWGB).pdf A short summary about how UWGB students responded in 2008, prepared by NSSE
NSSE08 Multi-Year Benchmark Report (UWGB).xls UWGB benchmark trends based on results from 2001, 2004, 2006 and 2008
BCSSE07-NSSE08 Combined Report (UWGB).xls A summary of how UWGB Freshmen who completed the Beginning College Student Survey of Engagement in Fall 2007 responded to the NSSE the following spring.

Contact Debbie Furlong if you would like to get the SPSS data files associated with these projects, for your own analyses, request a special analysis based on UWGB's NSSE results or schedule a presentation about these results for your department, committee or group.

Additional NSSE-related documents: