Statistical Packages Support Page

This list is intended to facilitate knowledge-sharing between faculty and staff at UWGB who actively use SAS or SPSS in their research.

If you have come to this page hoping to learn how to use either SAS or SPSS, you could participate in training programs offered by those vendors. You could also enroll in a UWGB course in which one of the packages is used, such as Introductory Statistics (MATH 260) or Social Science Statistics (Comm Sci 205).

Colleague Support List

Colleague Unit Use of SAS for Research Use of SPSS for Research Other packages used frequently Skills, commonly-used procedures, other comments
Lucy Arendt Business Administration (Management) Some Frequently LISREL Descriptive statistics, ANOVA, correlation, regression, factor, reliability, structural equation modeling, limited WABA
Derryl Block Nursing No Some No Basic statistics
Bill Conley Business Administration (Statistics) No Some Own code TSP Statistics, Statistical Optimization
Debbie Furlong Institutional Research and Assessment Frequently Frequently No Moving data between applications; working with large data sets; survey research; basic stats -- regression, general linear models, t-test, factor analysis; descriptive procedures -- tables, tabulate
Scott Furlong Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dean (Political Science) No Frequently No Survey research, univariate and descriptive statistics, regression, t-test, ANOVA
Regan Gurung Human Development (Psychology) No Frequently No Correlation analyses, ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, GLM, basic statistics.
Bob Howe Natural and Applied Sciences (Biology) Some No Systat, PC-ORD, ArcGIS Minimal use of the campus-licensed packages
Mimi Kubsch Nursing No Some No Basic descriptive and inferential statistics
Illene Noppe Human Development (Psychology, Women's Studies) No Frequently No Basic statistical methods
Kristin Vespia Human Development No Frequently No ANOVA, correlational analyses, basic statistics (frequencies, etc.), and chi-square
Lora Warner Public and Environmental Affairs No Frequently No Basic descriptive and inferential statistics, survey research, graphing through MS Excel
Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges Urban & Regional Studies (Psychology) No Frequently No ANOVA, Correlation analyses, Data Screening techniques, Regression; limited use of Structural Equation modeling


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