UW-Green Bay

Mentor Program/CATL

University and Academic Staff

Campus Connection Program
The goal of the Campus Connection Program is to foster a cooperative network among University and Academic Staff, as well as to cultivate a sense of community on campus. The program benefits new employees by giving them a friendly resource (a “Campus Resource Person”). In return, existing employees have the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge. The Campus Resource person will introduce himself/herself to the new employee during the first week and make contact periodically during the first six months, which includes offering a tour of the campus and inviting the new employee to a University Staff or Academic Staff Governance Committee meeting.  The Campus Resource Person will also invite the new employee out for an on-campus meal, compliments of Business and Finance, Provost Office, and Chartwells or Shorewood Golf Course.



Each tenure track faculty member is paired with a mentor from within his or her home unit.  Assignments are coordinated by the Department Chairs and Deans.  These mentors are a valuable resource in many ways—especially for learning the procedures and expectations of the home unit and for feedback during the process of establishing a scholarly program on campus.

CATL Network

In addition to home unit mentoring relationships, many new faculty members find it valuable to seek out networking relationships from outside their units.  The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) Network is an option available to all interested pre-tenure faculty members on campus.  The mission of the CATL Network is to provide opportunities, resources, and supportive communities to foster exemplary teaching, curricular innovation, and professional development of the faculty.  More information and registration material are online at www.uwgb.edu/catl/.