1998 Alumni Survey


In Spring 1998, the Offices of Assessment and Institutional Research surveyed 719 alumni who received bachelor's degrees in December 1994, May 1995 and August 1995. 37% of the surveys were returned. As you review the results that follow, note the striking similarity to the Graduating Senior Survey data.


  1. 87% "agree" or "strongly agree" that they have learned to view learning as a lifelong experience.
  2. 83% "agree" or "strongly agree" that their experiences and course work at UW-Green Bay encouraged them to think creatively and innovatively.
  3. 70% "agree" or "strongly agree" that UW-Green Bay provides a strong interdisciplinary, problem-focused education.
  4. 50% would return to UW-Green Bay and complete the same major if they started college over; 18% would return to UW-Green Bay but choose another major.
  5. 93% gave an A or B to the quality of the teaching in their major.
  6. 23% have been accepted for, are currently enrolled in, or have already completed a graduate/professional degree program.
  7. 82% are working full-time and 10% are working part-time.
  8. Slightly more than half (54%) work in positions that are "very related" to their major and 31% work in positions that are "somewhat related" to their major.
  9. The median salary of respondents working full-time is about $30,000.

Are alumni well prepared?  How important are the skills and knowledge developed at UW-Green Bay to their current work?

The top five skills for which alumni gave marks of "excellent or "good" were:

  1. written communication skills (75%)
  2. critical analysis skills (71%)
  3. problem-solving skills (67%)
  4. public speaking and presentation skills (67%)
  5. listening skills (66%)

The skills and knowledge considered "very important" or "important" to their current work included:

  1. listening skills (96%)
  2. written communication skills (93%)
  3. problem-solving skills (93%)
  4. critical analysis skills (87%)
  5. leadership and management skills (86%)
Table 1.  Academic Preparation
Item, skill, or knowledge area % Receiving "Excellent" or "Good" Preparation Ratings % Rating Item "Important" or "Very Important" to Current Work
Problem solving 67% 93%
Critical analysis 71% 87%
World geography 29% 23%
History 32% 24%
Arts, music and literature 43% 25%
Mathematics 51% 65%
Scientific principles 44% 40%
Leadership/management skills 55% 86%
Other cultures 56% 60%
Written communication 75% 93%
Public speaking 67% 82%
Reading skills 62% 84%
Listening skills 66% 96%