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UW-Green BayMenominee Language

Menominee Language - Fall 2014

Menominee Language 1 Class
Fall 2014
UWGB Campus
3 credits & non-credit options
Thursdays 5:30-8:30 PM

This course has been cancelled.

Menominee Fall 2014

Posoh! UW Green Bay is again offering Menominee Language Level 1 classes in Fall 2014. The classes will be offered by Muqsahkwat (Ron Corn Jr.). Muqsahkwat is a Menominee language teacher and a member of the Menominee Nation.

For 3 credits: The course is listed in the Fall 2014 Schedule of Classes under the Education Department as EDUC 295: Special Topics: Menominee Language I. You can find it at:

For non-credit: The class is open to everyone including non-students and community members. You can enroll in the class for non-credit through UWGB Outreach. (Register)

Course Description:
This is an introductory course in the Menominee language.. The course is taught using indigenous educational methods that are paired with western methods of language instruction. Students are introduced to basic Menominee language speaking and reading skills. This course provides instruction in indigenous ways of teaching and learning language through the use of storytelling and interaction with tribal Elders and first language speakers. The course draws upon oral traditional listening, observation and speaking skills. Students will learn basic Menominee language that can be used daily in any setting.
Students in the course will learn entry level Menominee language skills. Many of these skills are currently taught and used in the Menominee Nation community. One of the primary teaching methods used in this course in known as “TPR ” Total Physical Response which pairs language learning with body movement and physical interaction in the classroom. “TPR” has been shown to maximize language acquisition in a short period of time. One of the best parts about “TPR” is that it makes classroom learning both engaging and fun.


Contact Information

  • Mona Christensen, Program Director in the Office of Outreach and Adult Access, 920-465-2267, 800-621-2313
  • Registration Questions: Call Andrea at 920-465-2775