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Department of Public & Environmental Affairs

Aaron Weinschenk

Aaron Weinschenk
Assistant Professor of Political Science
MAC B319

Fields of Interest: American Government and Politics; Political Behavior; Campaigns and Elections; Political Psychology; Voting Behavior; Political Participation; Statistics; Research Design and Methodology.

Curriculum Vitae

Education: B.A and B.S., Political Science and Public Administration (Summa Cum Laude, with distinction in the major), University of Wisconsin, Green Bay (2007); M.A., Political Science, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2009); Ph.D., Political Science, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2013)


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  • American Government and Politics (Pol Sci 101)
  • Introduction to Public Policy (Pol Sci/Pu En Af 202)
  • Congress: Politics and Policy (Pol Sci 316)
  • Urban Politics and Policy (Pol Sci 305).