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Department of Public & Environmental Affairs


Students who are considering the Public & Environmental Affairs Major are strongly encouraged to arrange an advising appointment to discuss the program, the admissions process, and support courses they need to be taking. Contact the program advisor, Katia Levintova, at (920) 465-2045 or email for an appointment.

Consider a Double Major

Many students find that with careful planning, they can double major in Public Administration and Political Science or Environmental Policy and Planning. Often, a double major makes students more competitive in seeking jobs or in pursuing graduate programs. We encourage you to see the PEA advisor about the feasibility of a double major.

Consider Pre-Law

Instead of designating a specific pre-law major or minor, UW-Green Bay encourages students to tailor their own pre-professional courses of study. A major in Public & Environmental Affairs is particularly suited for Pre-Law.

Ongoing Advising

All students in the program are assigned an advisor, and the program makes every effort to assign the student to the same advisor throughout his or her career.

Students in the program need to meet with their advisors at least once during each semester to review program prerequisites and assess additional supporting courses they may need to complete. Advisors also help students with planning their professional goals after graduation and assist students when they encounter challenges in completing their course or field work.

For additional information, please visit the Academic Advising Website.