Human Nutrition-NUT-SCI 300

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Nutritional Science-Class Notes

RDA's, Dietary Guidelines/Principles
RDA's, dietary guidelines, principles, nutrition food labels, food guide pyramid, Mediterranean Food Pyramid


Classes of Carbohydrates, food sources, functions, digestion, Diabetes


Cardiovascular Disease

Classes of Lipids, food sources, functions, digestion, Cardiovascular disease


Proteins, amino acids, food sources, functions, digestion, Vegetarianism


Metabolic fates of macronutrients in fed and fasted states

Water-soluble vitamins
Food sources, functions, deficiency, toxicity
Fat-soluble vitamins
Food sources, functions, deficiency, toxicity
Macrominerals and trace minerals, food sources, functions, deficiency, toxicity
Energy Balance
Exercise, Fitness, Sports Nutrition  
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