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P.H.O.E.N.I.X Black Male Initiative

What We Do

With the many external and internal explanatory factors for the retention and graduation rates of Black males in Higher Education and especially on this campus it is critical to offer a high-impact program that addresses academic, social and professional development. Therefore, the P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative members look to attend statewide and nationwide leadership and empowerment conferences that provide information and opportunities to fellowship with other Black male students. The expected outcomes of providing the P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative include direct and positive effects on recruitment, retention and graduation rates and the overall academic and career success of the P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative participants. The P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative offers the following high-impact practices programs:

First Year Seminar

Education (EDUC-198) African-American Male P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative 001

"...Nevertheless, similar to Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs), Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are focused on investigating ways to increase retention and persistence rates for their Black male students. Some institutions have even implemented special programs aimed at increasing persistence among Black men (Chickering, Peters, & Palmer, 2006). These initiatives provide a platform for discourse on critical issue facing collegiate men and provide activities designed to facilitate male leadership and academic achievement (Palmer & Wood, 2012; P. 5).

Academic Support

The P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative works collaboratively with academic units and departments across campus to monitor academic performance and assesses areas of need. Additionally, the P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative offers fall semester roundtables, which are designed to aide Black males transition into postsecondary education.

Leadership Development

The P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative challenges participants to explore various approaches and strategies of effective leadership, while offering opportunities for collaboration across campus for program development.

Personal and Social Development

This component will be accomplished through workshops, conferences, and seminars that address interpersonal relationships and confidence building. It also incorporates activities that inspire students to achieve their goals and advance their education without being held back by their cultural status. Overall, we look to help student understand the educational environment and challenges regarding cultural assimilation, cultural access, cultural navigation and cultural status that Black men face at Predominantly White Institutions.


The P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative will continue to build peer-to-peer, faculty/staff relationships, as that is a major component. The program will also offer a Black alumni event aimed at strengthening the relationship between current students and alumni. The P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative will provide leadership to youth in the greater Green Bay community.

Community Outreach

The P.H.O.E.N.I.X Initiative recognizes the importance of the community. Members are encouraged to participate in community services opportunities in the Green Bay community.

Undergraduate Research

(Junior status and 3.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average)

It is our goal to model scholarship, and provide first-hand experience with undergraduate research by connecting students with faculty. Thus, providing students empirical research may help them shape their theoretical perspectives, develop critical thinking skills necessary to ask difficult research questions, assist them in analyzing data and to understand the research and academic world.