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Phuture Phoenix

About the Scholarships


Phuture Phoenix Scholarships are designed to reflect and support the mission of Phuture Phoenix to inspire students to pursue a degree in higher education. Qualified students must have participated in the Phuture Phoenix program, either the annual fifth-grade field trip day or related tutoring and mentoring in area schools. Other criteria include proof of admittance to UW-Green Bay and demonstrated financial need.


In Their Own Words...

"But one day, our class went to tour University of [Wisconsin] Green Bay. Every student that attended was very excited… I remember wearing the shirt feeling very cool… I thought to myself, “Wow, college is a place that can make my dreams come true. I want to grow up and... become someone I have always wanted to be.”

"In fifth grade I took a field trip to UWGB and got my first glimpse of college life. I come from a family where no one has ever attended college, so seeing a college for the first time thrilled me. I still remember our guide showing us a tree that had shoes dangling from its limbs. I was in awe as I stared at the former students shoes, it was as if each student who hung their shoes on that tree was trying to say, “See I did it and so can you!” Seeing that tree that day inspired me to go to college...”

"My mom always said to me, “If life gives you a chance, take it, if that chance changes your life, let it.” I was offered the chance to participate in the Phuture Phoenix program, and this program is what changed my life.”

"I feel that if it wasn’t for the Phuture Phoenix program, I would not be in college. This program has inspired me as a fifth grader that anyone can go to college. No matter what environment you are from or how smart you are, and that anyone can have a college education. My mom didn’t finish high school and my dad was incarcerated when he finished high school. My entire family education level was maybe at a high school freshmen level. No one knew anything about going to college or who to talk to for advice for college. This program gave me the answers I was looking for. It prepared me for a college life which I’m grateful for...”

- Phuture Phoenix Scholarship Recipients