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Phuture Phoenix

Whitney Radder Award

The Whitney Radder Award was created in memory of a phenomenal UW-Green Bay and Phuture Phoenix student who was tragically lost her life in a car accident in Spring 2010. This award is given every semester to one UWGB mentor doing an outstanding job working in the Phuture Phoenix schools each semester. The award nominees and recipient are decided upon by the Phuture Phoenix Phellows and the Director of Phuture Phoenix.


Spring 2016
  • Elizabeth Burback: Spring 2016
  • Riley Garbe: Fall 2015
  • Taylor Neuwirth: Spring 2015
  • Spencer Turriff: Spring 2014
  • Jake Tess and Margaret Mosgaller: Fall 2013
  • Dan Panosh: Spring 2013
  • Melissa Zimmerman: Fall 2012
  • Brittany Brocker: Spring 2012
  • Fall 2015
  • Mark Yanke: Fall 2011
  • Nicholas Bergeron: Spring 2011
  • Yorchei Yang: Fall 2010
  • Zona Fang: Spring 2010