Policies and Procedures
Distance Education Course Fees
October10, 2000

Definition of a Distance Education Course

For purposes of these policies and procedures, a distance education course is one that has been designed to serve students using a format that does not require face-to-face interaction with the instructor. Distance education courses can include those that employ correspondence study, or audio, video or computer technologies.

Proposed Fees

Fees for distance education courses must be established in a manner that is consistent with UW Board of Regents policies, including those listed in the document, “Principles for Pricing Distance Education Credit Courses and Degree and Certificate Programs,” approved in June 2000. The proposal of fees for specific distance education courses is the responsibility of the academic dean of the sponsoring department. The academic deans are expected to consult with the Associate Provost for Information Services when preparing their fee proposals. Prior to implementation, all fees must be approved as part of the annual institutional budgeting process.

Distribution and Use of Distance Education Course Fees

Distance education course fees will be distributed to the academic and support areas that incur “non-customary” costs as part of the development, maintenance and delivery of the course. Non-customary costs can include faculty and staff time, equipment, software, consultants’ time, third-party services and other expenses that are not typically needed to develop, maintain or deliver face-to-face courses.
If appropriate, fees collected will first be distributed to Computer Services to offset the costs associated with the use of computer hardware, software and support services. Computer Services costs will be calculated annually by the Associate Provost for Information Services and submitted to the appropriate Dean for her/his approval. The remaining fees will then be distributed to an account controlled by the Dean whose unit generated the fees. These fees will be used to cover the costs associated with the development, maintenance and delivery of distance education courses.

Fee for Internet-Based Courses

During the period July 1, 2000 through June 30, 2002, the incremental fee for distance education courses offered via the Internet will be $45.00 per credit in addition to course tuition. This fee will be reviewed as part of the 2002-2003 budget preparation process to determine whether it should be increased or decreased after this initial two-year period.

Approved by the Chancellor, November 1, 2000

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