UW-Green Bay Distance Education Guidelines

Planning, Development and Review

(Approved April 2001)


The intent of this document is to guide the planning, development, and review of UW-Green Bay degree programs, certificate programs and individual credit courses that employ distance education strategies. For the purposes of this document distance education is defined as “a planned teaching/learning experience in which the teacher and students are separated by physical distance.” A degree or certificate program is considered distance education when a substantial number of credit hours (fifty percent or more of the courses for the program or certificate) are delivered through distance education. A course is considered a distance education course when a majority of the instruction occurs when teacher and students are not in the same location.

General Principles

1. Each interdisciplinary and disciplinary unit, that desires to develop distance education courses, certificates and programs to support its mission, has responsibility for maintaining high quality and using available resources efficiently and effectively.

2. The Provost, in consultation with the deans, has responsibility for coordinating the distance education initiatives of the institution in order to assure that they are consistent with all mission statements and the efficient and effective use of UW-Green Bay resources as a whole.

3. It is likely that future distance education initiatives will rely on base budget reallocation or cost-recovery methods such as service-based pricing; therefore, distance education proposals should be closely linked with a program’s current Program Development Plan as well as institutional planning priorities such as the Student Learning Experience Initiative.

4. All decisions concerning distance education courses, certificates and degrees should be based on whether the use of distance education technologies will enhance student learning by providing, high-quality learning experiences, improving access to educational opportunities or developing technology literacy.

5. UW-Green Bay and its programs should avoid unnecessary duplication of effort by centralizing support services associated with the development, delivery and review of distance education courses and programs.

6. UW-Green Bay and its programs should consider other UW System and nationally available educational opportunities when identifying unfilled education needs in the region served by UW-Green Bay. If the education needs of students served by UW-Green Bay can be effectively and more economically served by consortium relationships with other UW institutions, that avenue should have priority.
7. The planning, development, delivery and review of distance education at UW-Green Bay must be carried out in accordance with all applicable accreditation agency, UW System and UW-Green Bay policies and guidelines.

8. Determining the extent to which distance education efforts enhance student learning is essential. The high cost of technology and the fact that teacher and student do not have the advantage of face-to-face contact requires that academic programs make special efforts to document program and course effectiveness – particularly student learning.

Planning and Development Procedures

During the planning, development and review of distance education at UW-Green Bay responsible parties should consult and comply with the following policies and guidelines which will be available online through the Provost’s web page. Paper copies can also be obtained from the Provost’s Office.

Assessment Procedures

When a distance education degree or certificate program is established, responsible parties should design and implement an assessment process that includes the following:

Attachment #1

“Guidelines for Distance Education”
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Attachment #2

Academic Planning and Program Review (ACIS-1. revised)

Guidelines for Academic Program Planning and Approval

“Principles for Pricing Distance Education Credit Courses, Degree
and Certificate Programs”

“Guidelines for Distance Education Credit Program Array and Approval”

“Standards for Academic and Student Support Services in Distance Education Credit Courses, Degrees and Certificate Programs”

“Implementation of Guidelines for Distance Education Credit Program Array
and Approval”

“Service-Based Pricing Guidelines and Procedures”

“GAPP 27 - Copyrightable Instruction Materials Ownership, Use and Control”

“FPPP 44 - Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit Instruction”

Attachment #3

“Policies and Procedures: Distance Education Course Fees”

“Guidelines for the Development and delivery of UW-Green Bay
Web-Based Credit Courses”

“Ownership, Use and Control of Copyrightable Materials”

“University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Guidelines for Academic Program Review”

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