Guidelines for the Development and Delivery of
UW-Green Bay Web-Based Credit Courses


Web-based courses are those in which the majority of instruction occurs online or via the Internet, synchronously or asynchronously, when student and instructor are not in the same place.

Course Development

Course Ownership

Ownership, use and control of web-based courses should be based on current UW System policy, GAPP 27 and the UW-Green Bay document, “Ownership, Use and Control of Copyrightable Instructional Materials.”

Prior Approval

Web-based courses must be developed under the auspices of one or more budget units and in accordance with existing policies pertaining to campus-based instruction. A faculty member who wishes to redesign an existing, campus-based course, or develop a new course that is web-based, should complete the “Web-Based Course Approval Form” before it is developed and offered to students for credit. Without these approvals, web-based courses may not be offered using the University’s name.

Hardware and Software

All web-based courses should reside on a server that is maintained by Computing and Information Technology (CIT) or a UW System utility approved by CIT. The University standard courseware (currently WebCT) should be used in the development of all web-based courses. Server and courseware exceptions must be approved, in advance, by CIT. Staff of the Learning Technology Center (LTC) can assist faculty with designing a course for web-based delivery; however, the amount and type of assistance may be limited because of staff availability.

Course Delivery

Student Support

The budget unit offering web-based courses must confirm with the appropriate offices that support services are available to all students enrolled in web-based courses. The level of support provided must ensure that the experience of the student taking a web-based course is comparable to the experience of a student attending the same or similar course on campus. The array of services must include enrollment services, class work support and technical assistance.

Quality Assurance

All UW-Green Bay web-based courses must be assessed to ensure that they are in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in March 1997. In addition to the assessment of student learning conducted by the instructor, course assessment must include feedback from students regarding the course content and its consistency with the stated course learning objectives, as well as the quality of the delivery methods, instructional support, student support services, and the overall quality of the course. All academic units providing advertising, recruiting, and admissions information to students must ensure that their information adequately and accurately represents the programs, requirements and services available.

Pricing Policies and Procedures

Tuition and fees for all web-based courses must be established in accordance with existing UW System and UW-Green Bay policies and procedures (see “UW System Principles for Pricing Distance Education Credit Courses and Degree and Certificate Programs”). Distribution of fees collected must also be based on UW-Green Bay policies and procedures.

Web-Based Course Approval Form (PDF)

Approved by the Technology Council December 13, 1999
Approved by the Leadership Team January 5, 2000

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