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Political Science

Further Information

The White House. Yes, the real one, where the Pres’ lives!

U.S. Library of Congress. Useful information available to Congress and the American people, to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity.

U.S. House of Representatives. Information of House operations, committees, task-forces, and so much more.

U.S. Senate. Information on the history of the Senate, current senators, and the Capitol building, including a virtual tour.

United Nations. Protecting human rights, promoting the protection of the environment, helping the advancement of women and the rights of children and so much more.

American Political Science Association. The major professional society for individuals engaged in the study of politics and government.

Links for More Help

For course listings and descriptions for POLITICAL SCIENCE and other disciplines, check out UW-Green Bay’s Programs of Study page.

More help is available on-campus at the Career Services Office at SS 1600, 465-2163.

Contact Academic Advising at SS 1600, 465-2362

Another service for UW System students on the Web is UW HELP On-Line. This service provides in-depth information on the programs of the UW System.