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Political Science

Dallas Blaney

Dallas Blaney
Assistant Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs
MAC B329
(920) 465-2701

Field of interest: International Political Economy; International Development; Global Environmental Governance; International Relations; Global Civil Society.

Current Research: My research focuses on the global governance of freshwater resources. Related to this, I am currently researching the concept of environmental flows by asking how well this important innovation in global water governance has withstood political pressures as it traveled across space and time. In addition, I have begun working on the issue of bulk water transfers, focusing specifically on the political struggles surrounding a proposal to transfer freshwater resources from Alaska to China.

Curriculum Vitae

Education: B.A. University of Colorado
M.A, Ph.D. Colorado State University


  • (Pol Sci 100) Global Politics and Society
  • (Pol Sci 353) Politics of Developing Areas
  • (Pol Sci 380) Global Environmental Politics and Policy
  • (Pol Sci 360) Introduction to International Relations