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Political Science

Joseph Devaney

Joseph Devaney
MAC B325
(920) 465-2366

Field of interest: Political theory, American constitutional development and legal history, Bill of Rights and civil liberties, constitutional theory and interpretation, federal courts, jurisprudence, theories of judicial review, federalism and the separation of powers.

Current Research: The Bill of Rights and Federalism: An Interpretation in Light of the Unwritten Constitution.

Curriculum Vitae

Education: B.S., Political Science, University of Scranton (1991)
Juris Doctor, Catholic University of America (May 1995)
M.A., Political Science, Catholic University of America (May 1996)
Ph.D., Political Science, Catholic University of America (2010)


  • Global Politics and Society
  • International Relations
  • Politics of Developing Areas
  • American Presidency
  • Community Politics