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Political Science

Alison Staudinger

Alison Staudinger
Assistant Professor
(920) 465-2443

Fields of interest: Political Theory, Constitutional Law, Gender, Democratic Theory, Populism, Work, Labor and Family, Citizenship

Current Research: Currently, I am further developing my dissertation project, which examines the historical and theoretical relationship of work to citizenship, and then advocates for a normative practice of civic renewal housed in constitutive work of average citizens. One case study is the turn of the 20th century temperance movement, in which I argued that prohibition was not a failed moral experiment or an historical aberration, but rather a core experience in the construction of gendered citizenship tied to the public sphere of waged labor, but also providing an alternative history of claiming wages for reproductive labor. I develop my positive concept with the aid of a unique reading of Hannah Arendt as a theorist of work and work-building as much as of political action.

Curriculum Vitae

Education: B.A. Seattle University
M.A., Ph.D. University of Maryland-College Park


  • American Government & Politics (POL 101)
  • Constitutional Law (DJS 320/POL 320)
  • Gender & The Law (DJS/WOST 348)