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Welcome to Dr. Pott's Course Pages!

This page provides you with links to the courses I teach. My website is still in a stage of development. It will be expanded continually, but may never be completed. Therefore, your patience is greatly appreciated! Of course, feel free to drop me an e-mail, if you have suggestions for any information you would like to see on these pages.

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Principles of Biology I (Bio I)

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy studying biology with me. If you should ever feel overwhelmed by the material, do not panic, look for study partner(s), and make timely use of the support that is available. Trust me, I know the feeling!


Reasonable Accommodations statement:

As required by federal law and UW-Green Bay policy for Individuals with Disabilities, students with a documented disability who need accommodations must contact the Disability Services Office at 465-2841. Reasonable accommodations can be made unless they alter the essential components of the class. Contact the instructor and Disability Services Coordinator in a timely manner to formulate alternative arrangements.


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