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Pre-Law Advising

Choosing A School


Admission to professional schools is competitive and typically based upon a combination of requirements that includes grade point average, program-specific admission tests, letters of recommendations and, in some cases, related experience outside the classroom. It is a student's responsibility to contact the professional school for current information regarding requirements and application deadlines.

Even though the law degree itself (Juris Doctor – or J.D.) is the same no matter what law school one attends, law schools tend to specialize in particular areas of the law. Law schools are also ranked, both formally and informally, and have reputations that matter for getting a job further down the road.

Selecting a law school should be based on student fit and interest (program and geographical location) as well as anticipated acceptance given grades, writing ability, and test scores.

The average law school applicant applies to between 7 and 8 law schools.