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Choosing A Major

Because there is no official Pre-Law major or minor at UW Green Bay, students are encouraged to seek out an academic program that interests them, and that prepares them well for the academic rigor of law school.

First and foremost, Pre-Law students are encouraged to choose an interdisciplinary major that excites them. It may be obvious, but students always do better in classes that they find interesting. Grades are important for admission to law school, and so is a passion for the academic path that you have chosen.

Taking advantage of UW-Green Bay's interdisciplinary opportunities will help students when applying for law school as well. Law schools will see that UW-Green Bay students gain a breadth of knowledge and an integrated way of thinking that is difficult to achieve in many traditional academic programs.

Students should consider the following as majors particularly suited for Pre-Law:

In addition to choosing a major, choosing courses is also important.