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Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic AffairsOffice of the Provost

2013-14 Budget Request Summary Charts

Division Heads should electronically submit the Operating Plan/Budget Request Summary Charts as described below to the Provost Office (c/o Dan McCollum) along with their submission of the division’s proposed Operating Plan/Budget Request to the Provost no later than January 4, 2013.

Download the Summary Charts Excel Template

The information contained in the summary charts should be complete and accurately reflect the proposed 2013-2014 Operating Plan and Budget Request including the additions/changes made to the 2012-2013 approved budget.

  • Chart A—Proposed Organizational Changes
  • Chart B-1—Faculty and Academic Staff Promotions, Title Changes and Base Salary Adjustments
  • Chart B-2—Faculty, Academic Staff and Classified Staff Changes in Time or Funding Source
  • Chart B-3—Other Faculty, Academic Staff and Classified Staff Position Changes
  • Chart C—Sabbaticals
  • Chart D—Salary Transfer Across Program Codes and Divisions
  • Chart E—Supplies and Expenses Transfers Across Program Codes
  • Chart F—Salary to Supplies and Expenses Transfers
  • Chart G—FTE Transfers Across Positions or UDDS
  • Chart H—Fee Change Requests
  • Chart I—Capital Priorities/Facilities Requests