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Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic AffairsOffice of the Provost

2014-15 Budget Request Timeline

Sept 15, 2014 Process begins. Information available on budgsub drive.
Sept 22 - Oct 3 Division heads work with unit chairs/directors to develop division budgets.
Oct 10 Unit chairs/directors submit to Division Heads support/non-support of career progressions, title changes, and base adjustments
Oct 17 Division Heads communicate their support/non-support for career progressions, title changes, etc. to unit chairs/directors. Forward approved requests to Provost’s office c/o McCollum.
Oct 20 - 24 Division Heads with supported career progressions, etc. meet with Provost to discuss.
Oct 27 Provost’s office will notify Division Heads of approved base rate adjustments and forward requests/documentation to HR.
Nov 7 Requests for Lab/Classroom modernization from unit chairs/directors due to McCollum
Nov 10 Draft Division Operating Plan and Budget Narrative submitted to Provost c/o McCollum.
Nov 11 - 17 Individual meetings between Division Heads and Provost to discuss draft budget plans.
Dec 1 Division Heads submit fee increase forms to Provost c/o McCollum
Dec 8 Provost notifies Division Heads of approval/modifications of base adjustments by Compensation Review Committee
Jan 9, 2015 Division Heads submit final Division Operating Plan and Budget Narrative to Provost c/o McCollum.
Jan 19 Division Heads submit requests to move operations and/or personnel, remodeling of existing space, or acquisition of additional space to Provost.
Jan 26 Provost submits 2015-2016 Area Operating Plan/Budget request to Business Office.