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Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic AffairsOffice of the Provost

2013-14 Budget Request Timeline

Sept. 13 

The following items will be available on the budgsub drive:
  • Pre-Merit Request Spreadsheets
  • Master Fee Schedule (for changes to existing fees)
  • Compensation Process Guidelines & Request Forms
    • Career Progressions and Title Changes (Academic Staff & Limited Appointments) (Announcement will be sent by HR to all unclassified staff)
    • Base Rate Adjustments (Faculty, Academic Staff & Limited Appointments)
The following items are available on the Annual Budget Process web page:
  • Fee Change Request Form (for new fees or change requests exceeding allowable threshold requiring Chancellor approval)
  • Budget Timeline
  • Budget Instructions
Due Date TBD Unit chairs/directors submit their draft 2013-2014 Operating Plan and Budget Request to the Division Head.  The format and due date for this submission is determined by the Division Head but should not be later than September 24
Oct. SUFAC review of student fee-funded auxiliary budgets.
Oct. 12 Unit chairs/directors submit requests for faculty base rate adjustments and limited employee/academic staff career progressions, title changes, and base rate adjustments to the Division Head.
Oct. 15 Division Heads communicate to unit chairs/directors support/non-support of career progressions, title changes, and base rate adjustments and forward approved requests to the Provost Office (c/o Dan McCollum).
Oct. 17-22 Division Heads who have submitted requests for career progressions, title changes and base rate adjustments meet with Provost to discuss requests.
Oct. 26 Provost Office notifies Division Heads of approved base rate adjustment requests and forwards requests and documentation to Human Resources.
Nov. 2 Unit Chairs/directors submit Laboratory/Classroom Modernization requests to Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration.
Nov. 5 Draft Division Operating Plan and Budget Request Narrative submitted to the Provost (c/o Dan McCollum). See pages 5 and 6 below for a description of the format you should use when submitting your draft plan.
Nov. 12-15 Division Heads meet individually with Provost to discuss the division draft Operating Plan/Budget Request.
Nov. 19 Unit chair/directors requests for fee increases are submitted to the Division Head on the appropriate form.
Nov. 30 All requests for fee increases approved by the Division Head are submitted to the Provost’s Office (c/o Dan McCollum) on the appropriate form.
Dec. 7 Requests are reviewed by Human Resources Office and the Compensation Review Committee. Provost Office notifies division heads if request has been approved/not approved/modified by the Compensation Review Committee.
Dec. 9 Compensation Review Committee forwards approved requests for limited employee/academic staff progressions, title changes, and base adjustments; and faculty base rate adjustments to the Chancellor.
All requests for fee increases approved by the Provost and needing Chancellor approval are forwarded to his attention.
Dec. 30 Chancellor approves fee changes, compensation adjustments & faculty promotions.
Jan. 4 Division Heads submit final Division Operating Plan and Budget Request Narrative (See description of format below.) to the Provost Office (c/o Dan McCollum) Division Heads complete all budget request sheets for review by Provost Office prior to lockdown.
Jan. 9 Following the Chancellor’s approval, Provost notifies Division Heads regarding the status of all requests for limited employee/academic staff career progressions, title changes, and base adjustments; and faculty base salary adjustments.
Division Heads are informed of fee change requests approved by the Chancellor.
Jan. 11 Lockout begins. Controller’s Office begins checking Pre-Merit Request Sheet entries. Estimated increases in the segregated fees, housing and meal plan rates submitted to UW System.
Jan. 18 Division Heads submit requests to move operations and/or personnel, remodel existing space, or acquire additional space to the Provost.
Jan. 18 Technical review of pre-merit budget requests.
March 12
  • Budget staff review of department submissions, verify request matches allocation
  • Manual entry of campus operating budget into the UW System’s 3270 budget software:
    • FTE & Personnel Changes – add new staff, delete terminated employees, add/update vacant positions, faculty promotions, career progressions, title changes
    • Fringe benefits for non-GPR funds
    • Supplies & Expenses, Capital, Sales Credits, Aid to Individuals, Provisional lines for salary increases, etc.
    • Distribution of Recruitment & Retention funds, unclassified staff pay plan and Chancellor 10%  (*Assumes approved pay plan rates are known)
    • Update budget request sheets as needed
  • Preliminary reconciliation of the budget:
    • By Department
    • By Fund
    • By Division
    • By FTE
Jan. 28 Provost submits 2013-2014 Area Operating Plan/Budget Request to Business Office.
TBD Merit worksheets available to Area Leaders for distribution of pay plan funds (Assuming pay plan rates are known.).
Feb. 8 Division Heads are notified by the Provost regarding the approval/denial of requests to move operations, remodel existing space or acquire additional space.
March 15 Auxiliary rates (segregated fees, housing and meal plan rates) submitted to UW System.
March 15 Provost notifies Division Heads regarding the status of all Laboratory/Classroom Modernization requests.
March 18-23 Final reconciliation of campus operating budget and required report.
April 2 Budget and required reports submitted to UW System.
April 30 Division Heads submit a current listing of all positions that may be available for approval or reallocation beginning with the 2013-2014 academic year and a proposal for how each position should be allocated, as well as a list of “special” temporary or project appointments that division heads would like to affect or amalgamate in the following year, for which no numbered position is available.
Division Heads submit to the Provost, requests, in priority order, for new faculty and staff positions in their area.
May 17 Provost notifies all Division Heads regarding the status of new, continuing, and reallocation of position requests.
May 24 Provost notifies Faculty and Academic Staff of approved progressions, Promotions and base rate increases
June Board of Regents approval of Faculty promotions